Monday Morning Music Mix

What am I listening to this morning? An eclectic mix … wonderful thing this iTunes random setting, with a little bit of help from me of course.

Love having music playing while I am updating and creating web presences.

  • Hey You – Dean Wareham (Pink Floyd cover)
  • Friday I’m In Love – Dean and Britta (The Cure cover)
  • I Love You … I’ll Kill You  – Enigma (cool guitar solo)
  • Get Ready – Rare Earth (all 21 minutes of it, including bass solo, drum solo and canned applause)
  • Ten Cent Dynamite – Five Horse Johnson
  • Why Can’t We Be Friends – War (heard this in Cheaper By The Dozen 2 movie on TV the other night)
  • Pigs incl Dogs & Sheep – Solar Project (a 10 minute medley of tracks off Pink Floyd’s Animals album)
  • Money – Elkie Brooks featuring Duncan Mackay on keyboards (another Floyd cover … I must be in a Pink Floyd mood this morning, well they are one of my all-time favourite bands)
  • Driving Till The Break Of Day – John Mayall (from 1973’s Ten Years Are Gone album)
  • Street Life – MC Terror (Cape Town hip hopper samples prog-rocker Rick Wakeman’s Journey To The Centre Of The Earth … The Battle, I think)

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