At SXSW, Bruce Springsteen On The Meaning Of Music : The Record : NPR

There is no pure way of doing it, there is just doing it – Bruce Springsteen

At SXSW, Bruce Springsteen On The Meaning Of Music : The Record : NPR.

Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello – The Ghost Of Tom Joad (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2009)

This is why I love rock & roll … Tom Morello’s guitar solo at the end left me breathless! 

Man walks along the railroad track
He’s goin’ some place, there’s no turnin’ back
The Highway Patrol chopper comin’ up over the ridge
Man sleeps by a campfire under the bridge

The shelter line stretchin’ around the corner
Welcome to the New World Order
Families sleepin’ in their cars out in the Southwest
No job, no home, no peace, no rest, no rest

And the highway is alive tonight

Nobody’s foolin’ nobody is to where it goes
I’m sitting down here in the campfire light
Searchin’ for the ghost of Tom Joad

He pulls his prayer book out of a sleepin’ bag
The preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag

He’s waitin’ for the time when the last shall be first and the first shall be last
In a cardboard box ‘neath the underpass
With a one way ticket to the promised land
With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand

Lookin’ for a pillow of solid rock
Bathin’ in the cities’ aqueducts

And the highway i…  [More]

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Top Ten Tunes: Just Great Songs

Here are ten songs that I think are really great and that I never tire of listening to.

  1. Everett Ruess – Dave Alvin
  2. Light A Candle – Neil Young
  3. Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen
  4. Jericho Road – Steve Earle
  5. Bring Them Home – Bruce Springsteen (written by Pete Seeger)
  6. Further On Up The Road – Johnny Cash (written by Bruce Springsteen)
  7. You’re Missing – Cowboy Junkies (written by Bruce Springsteen)
  8. Did You Know – Piet Botha
  9. Bus Station – Tom Russell and Nanci Griffiths
  10. John Walker Blues – Steve Earle

Special mention: When In Rome by Phil Ochs

Disclaimer: I have decided to limit myself to only ten tunes, so of course some of my other favourites have had to be omitted.

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