Searching for Sugar Man (****) | The Awards Circuit – By Clayton Davis – Academy Awards, Oscars, and Other Award Show Predictions

Life’s a funny thing…

Recently I spoke with my fellow staff writers about the importance of sitting on a film you feel is perfect or “four-star” worthy before you officially go on record with the review. It feels acceptable to say a film grew in estimation for you over a time but it can be scathed or frowned upon to retract on a statement made if it paints the film in a perfect light. It’s hard to erase what you’ve already said. Enter Searching for Sugar Man from Sony Pictures Classics.

Director Malik Bendjelloul gives an insight into one of the most fascinating artists I’ve never known. Searching for Sugar Man, the story of two South Africans that set out to find out the mystery surrounding one of their favorite artists from the 1970s Rodriguez, is likely one of the great music documentaries of all-time. Huge statement? You bet it is. As someone who is and will always is in love with film, I love art universally, in all its forms from the cinematic treasures on-screen, to the music gracing the ear drums, to the paintings of Michelangelo; I inhabit a respect and admiration for self-expression, no matter what form it’s in. Give me a film that fuses art together into a beautiful portrait of mystery, meaning, and depth, you have me at minute one.

via Searching for Sugar Man (****) | The Awards Circuit – By Clayton Davis – Academy Awards, Oscars, and Other Award Show Predictions.

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