George Herald | Thoroughly unconventional Eva Rodriguez

Eva Rodriguez
Eva Rodriguez

This multi-talented woman helped to re-launch the musical career of Sixto Diaz Rodriguez (her father) and arranged his concerts in South Africa. As if this was not unusual enough, she also studied traditional healing and was one of the first white women to undergo a Sangoma ritual at Mdantsane, near East London.

via George Herald | Thoroughly unconventional Eva Rodriguez.

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  1. Eva, I grew up in S Africa and your dad’s Album COLD FACT was my fav. I live in Los Angeles and I know why you love Cape Town, If I moved back I would live there too.


  2. Dear Eva Loved watching the movie, Sugar Man, last night. I was greatly encouraged by your love for your father. You seem a very special person! I valued your humility, warmth and extreme spontaniety. I see from here you must have spent some time in East London. I lived there for 17 glorious years. Now in Cape Town. Would like to make contact with you if that is okay? – So long.


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