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Of course, most of the work done by Steve ‘Sugar’ Segerman and Craig Bartholomew was in pre-internet days and so may seem strange and frankly unbelievable to a generation who’ve grown up with Google.

Even so, the tale is so incredible that I was certainly veering towards agreeing with the South African journalist who at one point says: “This is too strange to be true” and wondering at times whether director Malik Bendjelloul had constructed an elaborate and masterful hoax.

But no, it turns out that it is possible for someone to disappear off the radar and drop out of the music business yet become a superstar on the other side of the world without even knowing about it. Truly, stranger than fiction.

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  1. I saw Searching for Sugarman on Friday night…when it opened here in NYC.
    I have put it on my facebook page…downloaded the music…invited all my friends to
    the movie and to buy Cold Fact… Now I see that Rodriguez will be in NYC in August…


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