Rockville 2069 Graphic Novel Press Release

Rockville 2069
Rockville 2069

Rockville 2069 is a relevant and contemporary rock musical set to create a new shift in this genre. It is a fully orchestrated production that sees over 60 artists and musicians from different cultural and musical backgrounds collaborating to bring a new, sometimes discordant, always thrilling voice to the rock musical scene.

The musical is the creative brainchild of composer Johnny Ray, who dreamed up the concept of communicating the story through a graphic novel after attending a comic festival, having noticed a gap in the market for a production that combines the current zeitgeist taste for sweeping sci-fi fantasies with a decidedly lyrical mode of execution. It was then decided to further explore the sci-fi theme by means of a graphic novel that would serve to launch the new-fangled epic on both the music- and literary scenes.

Concert for the CD Launch of Rockville 2069 takes place on Saturday the 18th of August at Kelvin Grove in Newlands, Cape Town. Doors open at 20h00, show starts at 20h30.

sneak peak of the graphic novel
sneak peak of the graphic novel






Rockville 2069 Graphic Novel Press Release.pdf


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