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Entry #: 899

Entry Date: 2012-07-15 16:28:38

Name: mark taliana
Visitor Comments: I have just retruned from seing and hearing, ‘Searching for Sugerman’ the documentry and at the age of 47 I thought I had seen and heard all that western popular music/culture has to offer.  I was wrong.  Put Dylan, Lennon and Cat Stevens in the mixer and you only come close to what Rodriguez is about.  Keeping ‘it real’ has a whole new meaning. I am a changed man.

Entry #: 898

Entry Date: 2012-07-15 15:23:41

Name: Jenny
Visitor Comments: Just back from watching Searching for Sugarman in Edinburgh. Loved the film and have fallen in love with your voice. Please do a UK tour sometime.

Entry #: 897

Entry Date: 2012-07-15 14:41:09

Name: Robin Hislop
Web Site: Brighton Guitars
Visitor Comments: Oh man, I just caught a preview screening of “Searching for Sugar Man” in Brighton, UK. I grew up in SA in the ‘seventies and “Cold Fact” was part of the air that we breathed. But, having moved to the UK in the ‘nineties I knew nothing about your story. I was absolutely blown away. I’m just so happy you finally got the recognition you deserved.

I’ve just tried to buy the “Cold Fact” CD online to replace my old scratched vinyl but everywhere seems to be sold out! I guess that means everyone’s trying to buy the album but your distributors need to get on the case… Hope to catch you on a UK tour soon.

Entry #: 896

Entry Date: 2012-07-15 11:03:55

Name: Sophie Mc Bride
Visitor Comments: YAY – Sugarman is found !!!!

Good things come to those who wait.

As Dylan you have the ability to touch souls.
I rejoice in your success

Entry #: 895

Entry Date: 2012-07-15 10:52:40

Name: Grant Gibbs
Visitor Comments: Hi,I`m from Perth West Australia and now live in the Philippines. I`ve been a true  fan from the early seventies and was lucky enough be at your concert at the Dallas Brooks Hall in Melborne, late 70`s I think. Iam so happy that this film has had the reception it is getting and so many more poeple will get to appreciate your talant.

Entry #: 894

Entry Date: 2012-07-13 18:05:01

Name: Kevin
Visitor Comments: I’ve got tickets for a preview of Searching for Sugar Man on Sunday in Edinburgh in Scotland, so I decided to familiarise myself with Rodriguez’s music first. I’m very impressed and really looking forward to seeing the movie.

Entry #: 893

Entry Date: 2012-07-13 12:55:31

Name: Joe Askew
Visitor Comments: Hi Sixto
Travelling to work in London on the underground this week, I happened to see a poster of the upcoming documentary “Searching for Sugarman” and immediately a shiver went down my spine. Can’t wait to see the film and relive the music of my youth. I saw you play a few years ago in Durban South Africa and count myself lucky! Your beautiful lyrics have always inspired and never grow old. Happy Birthday for the 10th July and much respect to you and best wishes for your long-deserved success.
Joe Askew

Entry #: 892

Entry Date: 2012-07-13 09:56:59

Name: Ben
Visitor Comments: I’m just listening to ‘Cause’ for the first time and I think I want to cry. Sixto you are immensely talented and have changed my life immeasurably!

Entry #: 891

Entry Date: 2012-07-13 03:34:52

Name: José
Visitor Comments:Mi estimado Sixto:
¡Échele chingazos!

Entry #: 890

Entry Date: 2012-07-13 02:27:29

Name: Stuart pugh-roberts
Visitor Comments: Hi ive been looking for my favorite poet for so long now and just came across a bbc report on a movie about you .Im from S.A originally and ow live in BC Canada.So exited to see and here from you again please please keep writing.I grew up woth your songs and love all of them.Take care and gods speed .


Entry #: 889

Entry Date: 2012-07-12 17:43:29

Name: George Rupert
Visitor Comments:Rodriguez, you probably don’t remember me, but I used to run Cobb’s Corner Bar followed by the New Miami. I have been living in Cyprus for the last 10 years and have been hearing about you. A large portion of the population has lived in South Africa. A few years ago I read an article in the Detroit News Online and I wrote the author. He suggested at the time that I write your daughters. Slow, as I have always been, I never did it. I just want you to know that it does my heart good to see you meeting with success. Life begins at 70!
George Rupert
Limassol, Cyprus

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  1. Hey Sixto….I grew up in South Africa in the 70’s and was blown away by your music then. To this day I listen to your (too few) albums and still marvel at your music and especially your lyrics. I am a huge Neil Young fan and I put you right up there with him. I cannot pay you a higher compliment than that. I can’t wait to see the film and I am just so happy for you that you eventually found the recognition that such an awesome talent deserves. All the very best to you.


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