Music From Mick Jade

Deborah from Wallstone Publishing has very kindly given permission to make these Mick Jade songs available for our listening pleasure.


“Memories” written by Mick Jade and performed by Mick and his band “The Jade Brothers Band” late 1970’s one of the very few bands performing only original music at the time.

This album was recorded at RPM but was never released. When the band fired their manager, RPM held back the album’s release. Such a shame as it was a really good album.

The other members of the band were: Gordon MacKay on keyboards (brother of Duncan MacKay), Sean Fourie also on keyboards (son of Johnny Fourie and Mick’s brother in law), Mark Wallis on drums (brother of Mick), Trevor Cranfield on Bass.

The very tasteful sax on this recording was played by Dan Hill.

– Deborah

Give Me More

Single 1971

Burning In The Night

“Burning in the night” composed and performed by Mick Jade was recorded at the SABC in 1986 as a track on a Transcription Album titled “Dragonbreath”.

Arrangements by Mike Campbell with studio muso’s like Jethro Butow on additional guitar, Richard Pickett on Drums, Mike Campbell on Bass.
A great rocker!
– Deborah

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  1. Thanks for the time warp, Give Me More is a long forgotten song that popped back into focus as I listened … “5 O’clock Show” days?


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