The Yale Spizzwinks (?) FREE concert in De Waal Park on 27 May 2012

From Martin Myers

From the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of Cape Town comes a group of acappella singers that personifies talent and encapsulates outstanding entertainment – the Yale Spizzwinks (?).

The group came into existence in 1914 at Yale University and the torch has been passed down the generations of gifted performers to its current 18 members. The group incorporates an array of musical genres in their performances, including jazz, pop and rock ‘n’ roll.

The Spizzwinks (?) have won over fans including the likes of Magic Johnson, Henry Kissinger, Kelsey Grammer, former Governor George Pataki, Senator John Kerry, and Fred Savage. Furthermore, the group is enjoyed by audiences at ESPN, Disney World, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Carnegie Hall, the Honda Centre, Severance Hall and even the White House.

They have carried out shows in Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, the United States and New Zealand; and now South Africa will once again have the honour of their visit.

The Yale Spizzwinks (?)
The Yale Spizzwinks (?)

The Winchester Mansions will generously host the Spizzwinks (?) during the Cape Town leg of their South African tour.

Thanks to the support and sponsorship that the Spizzwinks (?) have received from schools, the group’s alumni board, and hotels like Winchester Mansions, they are able to perform at various venues in South Africa. Johannesburg and Pretoria will see the group at Beaulieu College, St. Peter’s College, Cornwall Hill College, Grayston Preparatory School and the African Leadership Academy. The group is also going to perform at the Ubuntu Fund in Port Elizabeth.

More information on the Yale Spizzwinks (?) can be obtained at

For further details regarding the group’s performances, please see the following itinerary.

27 May 2012 at 11am – 2pm:
The Spizzwinks (?) will perform at Winchester Mansions’ weekly Sunday Jazz Brunch.

27 May 2012 at 3pm – 4.30pm: FREE PERFORMANCE
An outdoor performance by the Spizzwinks (?) can be enjoyed in De Waal Park.

28 May 2012 at 9am:
The Spizzwinks (?) will be seen at Learn to Live during the morning assembly.

29 May 2012 at 7pm – 8pm:
Dinner and performance by the Spizzwinks (?) will be held at Winchester Mansions.
Bookings contact: call 021 434 2351 or email banqueting

Please note that the official spelling of Spizzwinks includes the (?).

For more info please contact
Martin Myers


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