South African 90s metal trio ROYD reissue back catalogue on 7 May

ROYD Discography
ROYD Discography

“Royd can churn out the noise in admirable fashion, setting it up with sparse sections that allow the music to breathe, then pulling out all the stops and going for the down-tuned riffs with abandon.” Metal Maniacs magazine

PDF Press Release: South African 90s metal trio ROYD reissue back catalogue on 7 May

Africa is not known for it’s rock scene, yet in 1995, South African teenage brothers Ray Holroyd (vocals & guitar) and Tony Holroyd (drums), together with best friend Rob Krammer (bass), began writing music that would grow into the band Royd and see the trio play a vital role in establishing the modern rock/metal scene in their country. Having received international record deal offers as well as coverage in both US and UK magazines, Royd helped place South Africa firmly on the global rock map. In 1996, the band’s first single ‘Impression X’ from their debut EP ‘Preludes’ reached Number 1 on the rock chart of 5FM (South Africa’s largest national radio station at the time), beating bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, and even being awarded the ‘Best Single of 1996’ by 5FM DJ Barney Simon. Throughout Royd’s active years (1995-1999), they performed countless sold-out shows along with good friends and fellow Cape Town rockers Lithium, who supported Iron Maiden on the South African leg of their X Factour in 1995. Among other chart success and continual heavy rotation on 5FM, Royd once again took the Number 1 position on the rock chart in 1999, with their single ‘Stalefate’ from their third release ‘Opus 3’. Before disbanding in late 1999, due to Ray’s relocation to Los Angeles in order to pursue his studies at the world-famous Musicians Institute, Royd released one last EP titled ‘American African’ as a Thank You to their fans for half a decade of loyal support. Now, 17 years after the formation of this classic South African modern rock band, non-profit record label Revolution Harmony is honoured to be reviving a piece of African rock history by reissuing the entire Royd back catalogue, with profits being donated to Buskaid, a charity that provides free music lessons and instruments to children in the townships of South Africa.

Please contact Revolution Harmony for more information, promotional copies, or to book an interview with the band.

Revolution Harmony is a non-profit record label. All label and artist profits are donated to affiliated charities.

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