Dead Men Don’t Tour Film

Dead Men Don’t Tour, Rodriguez in South Africa 1998 (TV Documentary)

Footage from this documentary features strongly in the Oscar winning film, Searching For Sugar Man.

Dead Men Don’t Tour

Directed by Tonia Selley, Dead Men Don’t Tour, was first broadcast on SABC 3 at 9.30pm on the 5th July 2001 just after ‘Ripley’s Believe Or Not’.

This film features wonderful concert footage, backstage antics, interviews with Craig Bartholomew Strydom and Stephen “Sugar” Segerman, Rodriguez and his family, the promoters, the fans and the musicians.

All live footage was filmed at the concerts in Pretoria, Durban and the Blues Room in Johannesburg.

The soundtrack for the documentary is based on the Live Fact CD with video collages from the various performances. The concert footage is linked with interviews, backstage antics, rehearsals, etc.

  1. I Wonder
  2. Inner City Blues
  3. Jane S. Piddy
  4. Sugar Man
  5. A Most Disgusting Song
  6. Like Janis
  7. Establishment Blues
  8. Climb Up On My Music
  9. I Wonder by Generation EXT (filmed during the studio recording)
  10. Forget It

Produced by Incha Productions
Executive producers: Georgina Parkin and Charles Watson
Directed by Tonia Selley
Edited by Cathy Winter

March 1998 (left-to-right): Willem Moller, Sixto Rodriguez, Tonia Selley, Steve Louw, Graeme Currie, Reuben Samuels, kneeling front: Russel Taylor
March 1998 (left-to-right): Willem Moller, Sixto Rodriguez, Tonia Selley, Steve Louw, Graeme Currie, Reuben Samuels, kneeling front: Russel Taylor

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  1. Hi: My name is Nandi Pointer and I’m the Associate Producer on a doc currently in production. I wanted to know if there is an email address where I can discuss with someone the possibility of licensing some of the photos and possibly footage of Rodriguez touring and performing in South Africa. I can be reached at the email address I am including below.

    Thank you so much for your time and assistance. Much appreciated!


  2. consumed as we are in a sea of information, music, media, video and hype… stories like Rodriguez and peace confirm our ability to recognize the timelessness of the artist’s contribution to our cultural enrichment, such recognition speaks volumes for an optimistic future of creative solutions despite the time lapsed nature of our growing awareness.


  3. Watched the documentary last night and immediately ordered the 2 CD’s from Amazon – as much to make a tiny contribution to the man who meant so much to S. Africans as to have the music – although the music is just lovely too. His thoughts are as relevant today as in the early 70’s when I was a young professional.


  4. I would love to see the original footage of “Dead Men don’t tour” byTonia Selley Is it available on DVD?


  5. I enjoyed so much the movie that I have recommended to every friend, family members and anyone who listens. ALL have given me their thanks for such a recommendation. It should be a mandatory film for college students


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