Press Release: Zen Arcade’s Moonshine delivers a mighty kick


Right at the start of the new millennium, Zen Arcade stormed the local rock scene with their driving, melodic sound. Strong song writing a keen ear for hooks and solid live performances saw them grow into a national force to be reckoned with.

Now, 10 years since Zen Arcade kicked off the millennium with their chart-topping debut single Crazy About You, they are back with a new album. Moonshine is the bands 3rd studio album and oozes their trademark addiction to melody and signature hook laden song-writing. From the raw juggernaut power of the title track to the impossibly catchy pop craft of Little By Little, the 4-piece from Jozi leave none of their musical interests unturned. Under the generous hands of co-producer David Birch, deceptively simple songs develop into multilayered dramas, or take an unexpected twist into foot-tapping choruses. It’s heady stuff. Slow brewed, Moonshine packs a punch that’s set to intoxicate new fans and ZA-faithful alike

In a first for Zen Arcade, the new album is a dual release: both digital and physical. Taking care of the physical release and distribution themselves, Zen Arcade have signed to new digital distribution company ritual records to release the new record. With a global digital reach, ritual records will be helping ZA reach a new, global audience of f the back of their impressive track record.’

“We wanted to take things to new places with this album,” commented drummer Andrew Cleland, “We’ve always done well at home in South Africa and it’s time to get our feet wet internationally. This way our local fans can still buy a CD in a record shop, but now they can also download their favourite tracks to their phone or PC. Also, we now stand the chance of recruiting an international audience.”

The first single off the album is the title track Moonshine, and has already been released to national and regional radio.

Available to download at Rhythm Music Store

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