Free download of Blaas Jou Vuvuzela by Radio Kalahari Orkes with Jack Parow

Die Radio Kalahari Orkes with Jack Parow


Ian Roberts and his bakgat band of boeremusiek brothers team up with super romantic Afrikaans rap star Jack Parow on this tongue-in-cheeky World Cup anthem-in-the-making anthem about braaivleis, brandy and Vuvuzela blowing! Off heir third album of all star collaborations, “Heuningland”.

Top Ten Tunes: My Favourite South African Songs of the Decade

My top ten tunes by South African artists from 2000-2009

  1. Staan My By – Radio Kalahari Orkes with Chris Chameleon
  2. Jozi Town – Jack Hammer with Tidal Waves
  3. Bus Na Toronto – Andries Bezuidenhout
  4. Praha Paradise – Ernestine Deane feat Tim Parr
  5. Breyten se Brief  – Jan Blohm
  6. Natalie – The Black Hotels
  7. On My Holiday  – 7th Son
  8. I’m Only Human – The Parlotones
  9. Gasoline – Saron Gas
  10. I Remember You – Brian Finch

Please let me know your Top Ten South African Tunes of the Decade.

Disclaimer: I have decided to limit myself to only ten tunes, so of course many (about 75) of my other favourites have had to be omitted.

Download most of these tunes from


Rhythm Music Store

Staan My By My Bra

What makes a song a great song?

I am sure there a number of factors, and many different people will have many different and differing opinions.

But one thing I know, is if I want to play a song over and over again, and enjoy it more and more every time, than that is a great song.

I cannot get enough of ‘Staan My By My Bra’ by Radio Kalahari Orkes featuring the vocal talents of Chris Chameleon.

I am not a musician, so I don’t analyze song structure and technique.

Music is about emotion, and great songs inspire great emotions … and I can’t get enough of this song.

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