Free & Easy [1975 to 1990] A South African Pop & Rock Mix, feat Rabbitt, éVoid, Johnny Clegg, Clout

A 3-hour chronological mix of a few of my favourite tunes by South African artists from the late 70’s and 80’s.

Some cover versions and a whole bunch of original tracks.

A few songs have been sourced from original vinyl singles.

More info on almost all these artists can be found at

Please also take a listen to:

1. Charlie – Rabbitt
2. Venus – Stockley Sisters
3. Substitute – Clout
4. Free And Easy – Finch & Henson
5. You’re Living Inside My Head – John Ireland
6. Buccaneer – McCully Workshop
7. ZX Dan – Radio Rats
8. Blommetjie Gedenk Aan My – Anton Goosen
9. Jo Bangles – Baxtop
10. Better The Devil You Know – Stingray
11. Man On The Moon – Ballyhoo
12. Bokkie Bokkie – David Kramer
13. Paradise Road – Joy
14. Nightmare – Peach
15. Schoolboy – Asylum Kids
16. You’re So Good To Me – Hotline
17. Grips Of Emotion – Lesley Rae Dowling
18. Bowtie Boogaloo – Morocko
19. What’ya Gonna Do When The Reggae Breaks Your Heart – Beanstalk
20. Give Me The Good News – Crocodile Harris
21. The Bushman – Steve Kekana
22. Taximan – éVoid
23. Live On – Pierre De Charmoy
24. See Yourself (Clowns) – Ella Mental
25. Mysteries & Jealousy – The Helicopters
26. Magical Touch – Petit Cheval
27. Jabulani – PJ Powers & Hotline
28. Waiting (For A Miracle) – Dog Detachment
29. Ancient Dust Of Africa – Edi Niederlander
30. Baby You Been Good – Robin Auld
31. Burnout – Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse
32. Superstar – Stewart Irving
33. As I Went Out One Morning (Damsel) – Tribe After Tribe
34. Hey Boy – Via Afrika
35. Johnny Calls The Chemist – Falling Mirror
36. We Are Growing – Margaret Singana
37. This Boy – Sweatband
38. Weeping – Bright Blue
39. My Kind Of Girl – Cinema
40. Scatterlings Of Africa – Johnny Clegg & Savuka
41. Prisoner – Lucky Dube
42. Dance Sum More – Mango Groove
43. Paint It Black – No Friends Of Harry
44. Be Bop Pop – The Spectres
45. Dear Abbie (One Night Of Passion) – Little Sister

Disco Fever continued …

Found this old review from the SA Rock Digest. Issue number 23 (7th July 1999).

Rubin Carrin seems to be an anagram of Brian Currin … oh I was so clever, then!


Do you remember the mid-to-late 70s with great affection?
Platform shoes, sessions, roadhouses, etc?
Bands like HOT R.S. and Buffalo?

If not, then ignore this next section…

OK, you’re still here … good.

Derek Smith from Gallo has compiled a 2CD set called Disco Fever which features some great South African disco/dance tracks from the 70s. These 2 discs are filled to the max with music … over 150 minutes of music, memories and magic.

Been looking for the full-length version of “Eloise Concerto” by Rouge?
Well here it is, all 17 minutes 32 seconds of Zane Cronje’s rearrangement of the classic Barry Ryan hit, “Eloise”. Wonderful stuff.

Remember Neil Cloud, the drummer from Rabbitt, combining the Marmalade’s 1970 chart-topper “Reflections Of My Life” with Ennio Morricone’s theme from the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Well its here, over 17 minutes of it and featuring the voice of Rene Veldsman (of Via Afrika).

HOT R.S. took their name from the initials of their first album the House Of The Rising Sun and there are no less than 4 examples of the orgasmic disco rock that Donna Summer first pioneered and Dan Hill, Kevin Kruger and friends made their own. Tracks from all three of HOT R.S.’s albums are included here.

Peter Vee’s Buffalo took Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride” to new heights of disco/rock and both are included here.

I don’t know much about Disco Rock Machine, except that Trevor Rabin was involved. Their version of the Kinks “You Really Got Me” is great, with some punchy guitar.

A track I’ve been searching for on CD for a long time, has been John Ireland’s “Living Inside My Head”. Well, the search is over, as the full 6.25 album version is here on this CD. John’s rearrangement of the “Greensleeves” melody is superb and that whistling synthesizer pre-dates the “X-Files” Theme by 2 decades or so.

Also on this excellent compilation are Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse’s “Burnout”, Hiroshima’s “People Like Us” and Harari’s “Give”.

So buy this CD, put on your platforms, grab your cherrie and take yourself on a magic carpet ride with the delta queen to the garden of Eden.

OK, the rest of you musical snobs can join us again.

— Rubin Carrin

PS Gallo has kindly supplied the Digest a copy of this CD to give away to one lucky subscriber.

So send in a short e-mail justifying why you could not live another day without having this CD in your collection. The most original and humorous one wins the prize. The editor’s decision is final.

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