Top Free Songs on Channel 24

Top Downloads at Rhythm Music Store Sunday 25 July 2010

Fredi Nest - Dronkverliefverslaafaanjou
Monique - Ek Val Vir Jou
Locnville - Sun In My Pocket
Nicholis Louw - Energie
Straatligkinders - Kaptein (Span Die Seile)
Ray Dylan - Ek Wens Jy's Myne
aKING - Against All Odds
Various Artists - South African Indie Volume One
Kurt Darren - Die Beste Medisyne
Bok van Blerk & Robbie Wessels - Ons Vir Jou Suid Afrika
Die Radio Kalahari Orkes - Heuningland
Heinz Winckler - Ek Kan Weer In Liefde Glo
Dewald Dippenaar - Bel Die Polisie
Chris Chameleon - Kyk Hoe Lyk Ons Nou
Van Coke Kartel - Skop, Skiet En Donner
Arno Jordaan - Gee My
Wrestlerish - The Rude Mechanical
Various Artists - S.A. Country Legends & Friends
David Fourie - Vir 'n 100 000 Jare
Various Artists - South African Indie Volume One
Elizma Theron - Ek Soek Jou
Karen Zoid - Poles Apart
Andre Swiegers - Die Sirkels Van Tyd
Die Jakkie Louw Band - Alles In Een Glas
Plush - Rage On (2008 remix)
Lize Beekman - Draadkar Oor Die See
Black By Nature - The Return
Bok Van Blerk - De La Rey
Jakkie Louw - Marietjie se Hoender
Symphonia - Afrikaanse Treffers Gaan Klassiek Vol 1

How can I sell my music online?

See Digital Music Sales

This is one of the questions I get asked very often by South African musicians.

In 2002 I was involved with creating the SAmp3. com portal for promoting South African music through free downloads. However there was no real way, at the time, to monetize these free give-aways.

In August 2006, I became a partner in starting Rhythm Online to sell MP3s to the world. This online store is now known as Rhythm Music Store (and also MyMusiek) and if you are a talented musician, published or unpublished, fill in the online electronic distribution agreement to have your tunes listed on Rhythm Online Music Store.

Would you like the world to hear and buy your music?

SAmp3. com can help you promote your music through channel24 and sell your MP3s to the world on the

And the best part is, there is no cost to you!

Music Sales:

If you wish to sell your music on you will need to complete the easy online agreement.

All the information you need can be found there.

Currently Rhythm Music Store is only able to accommodate artists and labels with bank accounts in South Africa.

For selling MP3s on Rhythm Music Store we require a physical audio CD or CD-R for  for the following reasons:

  • Quality Control
  • Naming Convention
  • Creation of 30 second samples

Single songs are also fine (we list it as a album with only one track, and with its own artwork and blurb), but we still require the music to be supplied on an audio CD, please.

Postal address:
Rhythm Music Store
PO Box 399
Century City
Cape Town

Physical address:

Brian Currin
c/o Mabu Vinyl
2 Rheede Street
Cape Town
[Click here for a map]

Free Promotional Give-aways:

Please contact:

Stephen “Sugar” Segerman:
Phone: 021-423-7635 (office hours)

We will need your song(s) on an audio CD or CD-R, mailed, couriered or hand-delivered to us, so that we can rip the mp3s. We will also need some info about the band/artist and your authorisation of our use of your tracks as free mp3 downloads. You need only supply one copy of each album for both Rhythm Music Store and

For free promotional give-aways you can also email your MP3s to

By sending MP3s to you are authorizing them to be used as free downloads.

Please do not send MP3s for selling on, please see reasons above.

Postal address:
PO Box 399
Century City
Cape Town

Physical address:
Mabu Vinyl
2 Rheede Street
Cape Town
[Click here for a map]

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