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Lyzyrd Kyngs
Lyzyrd Kyngs

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Tristan Waterkeyn

To The Hills

Tristan Waterkeyn’s been around – born in Tanzania, moved to Kenya, then to Zimbabwe and then SA where he learned to play the guitar resulting in his debut solo album, Hay Day .




Kobus! was the power-rock SA duo formed initially in 2000 by Theo Crous (Nudies guitarist) and Francois Blom (ex-Voice of Destruction vocalist), here with a big track off their self-titled debut album .


Gil Hockman

The Ballad Of Me And The Doctor

Some hip new Joburg blues from one of its troubadours off his new debut solo album, Too Early In The Journey .


Lyzyrd Kyngs

Gypsy Boy

SA music legend Piet Botha and the Akkedis Band, Arthur and Rudolph Dennis and AJ Graham, have shared stages and jammed across Southern Africa resulting in their first joint album, One Night Only, recorded last winter and just released as The Lyzyrd Kyngs.


Guy Buttery


A track off Fox Hill Lane, this Kwazulu-Natal guitar wizard’s third album, beautifully textured with a whole array of instrumentation, all of these played by an equally impressive line up of established musicians.


Kalahari Surfers

Straight To The Hips

Warrick Sony unleashes his latest Kalahari Surfers’ album One Party State, featuring heavy dubstep style wobbly-bass-groove tracks and cut up voice samples.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Babhemi Ft. Sandile Ziqubu

A smoking hot track from this emerging artist off the popular album Special Rekwest .


Mr J


Mr J is Joel Martins who runs a small recording studio from his Cape home where he not only records his own creations, like The First Step , but also young aspiring artists from his local community.


Heels over Head

Inyandz Leyo

A great track off the debut album, Could It Be , from this all female jazz band from Durban.


Summer Shade


On their latest EP, World Among The Clouds , the band previously known as Nungarin has remolded their already unique and refreshing sound to produce a mixture of rock, tribal, african, and folk music.


Koos Kombuis

Babilon Blues

Some classic Afrikaans reggae from the SA music legend off his album, Niemandsland & Beyond!


The Mahotella Queens


This legendary SA singing trio formed in 1964 and is noted for its clear three-part harmonies, Mbaqanga township music and fast-paced mgqashiyo dancing, off the Afromagic collection.

Ons praat met… > Onderhoud met Piet Botha van Jack Hammer (AKA: Sledge van Lyzyrd Kyngs) — Hy-Se-Sy-Se (HSSS)

Piet Botha maak al 33 jaar lank musiek. Julle ken hom dalk as die man agter Jack Hammer. Hy is ook deel van die Lyzyrd Kyngs wat onlangs by die Big Blues Festival op Kleinmond gespeel het. Ons het Piet oor die Blues fees en sy lang pad saam met musiek (en nogwat) uitgevra. – Elsibe Loubser

via Ons praat met… > Onderhoud met Piet Botha van Jack Hammer (AKA: Sledge van Lyzyrd Kyngs) — Hy-Se-Sy-Se (HSSS).

Piet Botha & Akkedis Band: “The Lyzyrd Kyngs”

Piet Botha and Akkedis Band: The Lyzyrd Kyngs. ("One Night Only / Snake Alley Bar and Grill")
Piet Botha and Akkedis Band: The Lyzyrd Kyngs

The friendship and brotherhood between SA music legend Piet Botha and the Akkedis Band, Arthur and Rudolph Dennis and AJ Graham, goes back almost twenty years. Back then Botha was touring a lot with Jack Hammer and used to bump into Arthur and Rudi who were known as The Dennis Brothers in those days. There was always some kind of jamming going on. Through the years the bond remained strong , Akkedis came into being, Botha did some solo Afrikaans albums and kept on recording and touring with Jack Hammer.

Then around 2002 they found themselves in London Town at the back end of a disorganised tour. “Myself and Johnathan Martin, had gone over, thinking it would be acoustic gigs, small pubs or theatres but then we found the venues rather bigger and we were just two out…fortunately Akkedis Band were there and just volunteered to help us on all the gigs, and all the adventures of course !”, said Botha in a recent interview. From there on the bond was stronger than ever.

During the next few years they would share stages across SA and Namibia and Mocambique but about three years ago there was a shift and Piet Botha started to tour the Cape more and more using Akkedis Band as backing band for his repertoire. This soon developed to a new concept i.e. “The Lyzyrd Kyngs”. The name comes from a Jim Morrison poem, “The celebration of the Lizard King”. The weird spelling is a combination of ancient English and a serious reference to Lynyrd Skynyrd, a band that has been a source of inspiration for more than thirty years.

“It was natural for us to share our talents, now we have three vocals and a four piece band that can work any room or big stage, both electric and acoustic. It is also wonderful to share each other’s songs and collaborate.” And so their first album was recorded last winter and mixed in the springtime and has just been released: Piet Botha and Akkedis Band: The Lyzyrd Kyngs. (“One Night Only / Snake Alley Bar and Grill”)

From the outset the idea was to keep it raw, no digital tricks, just the stripped down sound and to rely on the songs. So what we have now are ten songs that can stand by themselves. The songwriting was shared between Arthur Dennis and Piet Botha. The blues carry a lot of the material, but there is also country music and folk music inherent to the album’s feel. “ Obviously this is not a commercial venture, but I’m sure we will still be playing these songs in ten years time”. Botha insists that Arthur got the best songs on this album, but vows to be back. “With us it’s like a family, there are no ego’s, we all do our best…Arthur is the bandleader, I can just play …” and more wisdom “If the weather’s right we go to the ocean..otherwise we just laze around in the sun”.

And so the Lyzyrd Kyngs were born. And it all happened without any planning. Just like the waves rolling in from the sea. The future is just as unpredictable. Touring extensively for sure, doing another album is a given, but as in their past the plans are best left to the Gods of Rock and Roll.

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