Rhythm Music Store News » Sofa Surfer by Indidginus

Rhythm Music Store News » Sofa Surfer by Indidginus.

Indidginus - Sofa Surfer

Indidginus – Sofa Surfer

Dubstep, dub, dancehall, world-fusion, electronica and dance drawing on a diverse array of influences. Featuring collaborations with Teba Shumba, EJ Von Lyrik, Steve Newman, Fletcher, Francesca Krnjak, Riccardo Moretti, Colin Angus, High Frequency Bandwidth, Seb Taylor, Tripswitch, Suns of Arqa, Raggasouljah, 7Ft Soundsystem and OOOD. The album has garnered early support from Adrian Sherwood, The Orb, Liquid Stranger, Greg Hunter and Unity Radio amongst others.

Album artwork by Gerhard van Wyk.

Artist Bio

Indidginus, purveyor of quality riddims since 1996, specializes in dubstep, dub, dancehall, world-fusion, electronica and dance. His unique and eminently danceable live performances draw on his diverse array of influences. Always a crowd pleaser, his incorporation of slide didgeridoo into his performances in an unusual and inspired take on the tribal instrument forms an integral part of his signature live sound.

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