Brian Currin and Stephen “Sugar” Segerman met in 1997 through the rediscovery of Rodriguez. A mutual love of music (especially the South African kind) and sharing it with others, saw them launch Sugar Music in the early-2000’s.

Sugar Music has since become the hub for many projects including, The South African Rock Encyclopedia, The SA Rock Digest,, Mabu Vinyl, and a number of other joint and associated music ventures.

Since 2004, Sugar Music has been supplying Channel 24 (MWeb’s entertainment portal) with MP3s by South African artists of all genres, and from all decades, for the MP3 section of their Homepage.

These MP3s are made available as free downloads by Channel 24, to help give exposure to all these artists and their music. Some tracks are full length (if requested by the artist), but most are edited to be between 70% and 75%, as long as they are longer than 2 minutes.

An image, a short blurb, and a hyperlink are included with each entry.

If you would like to take advantage of this excellent promotional opportunity, at no cost to yourself, please supply a list of songs that you are authorising for free download and which web address you would prefer each song linked to. Sugar Music will take care of the rest.

Sugar Music submits monthly reports to NORM, of all tracks supplied to Channel 24, to ensure transparency and compliance.

For more information please contact Sugar on or phone 021-4237635.

Top Free Songs on Channel 24

Latest Free Music on Channel 24 is the official aggregator for free MP3s on Channel 24 and for world-wide sales on Rhythm Music Store. For more information and easy step-by-step instructions, please visit Digital Music Sales.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

K, Ray & The Bird

Misplaced Credit

Misplaced Credit – First single from the Cape Town Eclectic Folk Rock group off their new, second album, Rhymes In The Attic.

Latest Free Music Image Classical

Sterling EQ

Bach’s Kittens At Play

Sterling “Electric Quartet” has taken the South African entertainment industry by storm with their album, Nova,and their genre-defying musical style and sensational live performance.

Latest Free Music Image World Music



A song off the album The Journey: Marabi Moments, on which this specialist a capella group, in the mbube tradition, deliver a tribute to the music of two gifted South African composers.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

12th Avenue

Taking my Heart With You

The Cape Town rock band that features Idols contestant Mark Haze with a song off their new 6-track self-titled album.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Laurie Levine

Six Winters

Lovely first single and title track off the new album from the acclaimed Johannesburg singer-songwriter Laurie Levine’s third album “Six Winters” has just been released through Rhythm Records.Laurie’s blend of American roots music and the ‘Nu-Folk’ sound has earned her critical acclaim and a growing audience.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


See Yah

Ash (Ashwell Erasmus) – See Yah  – Something fresh from this very popular Port Elizabeth-based Gospel-Rap artist off his debut solo album, ‘House Party Vol.1‘.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Faith Why You Always Running


First single off this emerging Cape-based female indie artist’s brilliant lo-fi album, ‘Billboard Lights‘.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans

Mr Mac and the Genuines

Blikkie se Boom

Some Goema sounds from the Cape Kings of the genre off the ‘Voelvry’ compilation album of the wave of “alternative” Afrikaans music that swept the country in 1988/9. From Mr Mac & The Genuines.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Blacks R Fools

Skwatta Kamp’s legendary MC with an unabashedly political rap off his new album ‘Slikour Ventilation Volume 3

Latest Free Music Image Rock



A new track off the debut album, “2000 en Nag” from this 4-man Afrikaans hard rock band from Gauteng.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Otherwise

Rollercoaster To Insanity

The Otherwise is a four piece band out of Durban whose music is a blend of creative, dirty-sounding guitars and smooth, punchy bass lines over loud disco/punk/rock beats. Off  She Doesn’t Care, She Wants To Dance.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Bronwyn Reddy


Bronwyn Reddy’s debut album, Love Constant, is produced by the world renowned, SAMA award winning Mark Fransman. Her sultry soulful sound and poignant lyrics are the perfect ingredients for an adult contemporary album.

Latest Free Music on Channel 24

Latest Free Music Image World Music

Cape Town Sessions

Goema For Change

Experience the true spirit of Cape Town’s musical heritage with Jazzing and Jiving, the album that captures the spirit of this magnificent city with a host of accomplished musicians.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Jennifer Ferguson

Bay Of Bombay (Live)

A classic live track off this South African pop-folkie’s powerful Shifty album, Hand Around The Heart, on which her incisive vision and wit expose the fabric of white South African suburban life.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Sleepers


First single off the hot new album, A Signal Path, from this highly-rated Cape Town rock band.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Joint State

Keep me Awake

A track off the new EP called The Relief from this hard rocking Cape Town band.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Red Earth and Rust

Naked Flame

Red Earth & Rust’s is a compelling new voice in the singer/songwriter genre, with powerful storytelling and soulful lyrics with its new double album Dark Mercy and Wrestling the Angel, from which this song is taken.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Wendy Oldfield

Lovely Day

A track off the album, Singalong African Kidz a very special collection of original children’s songs crafted by renowned singer/songwriter Wendy Oldfield.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Dubula 2.0 ft Kabelo


The album Ventilation Vol 3 is by by Slikour who is regarded as one off the freshest and most influential Hip Hop entertainers in SA these days.

Latest Free Music Image World Music


Southern Right

The double CD called ‘Sui’ by this Cape Town trio famed for their improvisational and inspirational musical creations, is regarded as one of their best.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Mr. Cat and the Jackal

The Devil Always Wants to Dance

Mr.Cat and the Jackal‘s brand new track off their new album Sins & Siren Songs.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Van der Want & Letcher

Special Agents

These two iconic SA musicians with their winning mix of folk, rock and hip-hop with something of the attitude of punk off their album, Lowriding.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk



The next single off the amazing folktronica album, The Mystery Of The Seven Stars from this Pretoria performer, produced by her husband, Jacob Israel.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


7 Day Hustle

Kwesta is a young rapper and Buttabing Entertainment’s newest signing who recently released his debut Hip Hop album Special Rekwest here with his first single off the album.

Latest Free Music from SAmp3 / Channel24

Latest Free Music Image Jazz/Blues

The Essential South African Trip


With Ray Phiri on guitar, this acclaimed South African jazz group soundtracked the years from struggle to freedom with their evocative and unique style.

Latest Free Music Image

Les Javan En Die Delta Vastrapgennootskap –

Franschhoek Toe

A track off the recent album Hiervandaan on which the authentic power of South Africa’s own delta music is explored composed and arranged by the genius of Les Javan.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans


Hello Goeiemore

This first single song off Nicolene’s second album,Onthou Jy Nog was voted onto the Afrikaans top 20 and eventually landed up at number 12 on the chart.

Latest Free Music Image

Frankie Fire

Pretty Girls

Frankie Fire is the newest hot pop-rock band to hit the South African music scene – here with their hit single, Pretty Girls, off their album Seven.

Latest Free Music Image

Johnathan Martin

Might Be Heaven

The first single off the new debut solo album, Machete, from the young axe hero who has been getting a lot of attention for his amazing guitar skills.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Radio Rats

Obz Cafe Blues

Radio Rats – Obz Cafe Blues –

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