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The Plastics

Midnight Passion

Off the album Shark which broke this Cape Town band’s rock power to a wide SA audience.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Techno Planet (ft. Endz The Otherness)

A track off The First Toke from this talented Cape Town muso who breaks out on his own, carving a unique identity with his chilled out constructions.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

ETC Crew

McMission (The Phone Track)

A track off What’s In A Name from this Cape Town-based, multi-racial, cross dimensional hiphop rap group with their fresh yet energetic, jazzy sound.


Selwyn Schneider

Pilgrims Rest

The Wind is this multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer’s latest album and is a beautiful mixture of songs and instrumentals.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Mr Cool

New single from this hot new South African kwaito-rap artist off the popular Cape Hip Hop album Special Rekwest.


Mr Sakitumi

Secret Asian Man

The title track off the debut album by Mr Sakitumi who is an innovative, multi-instrumental musical phenomenon.


Ramblin’ Bones

When I’m With You

Ramblin’ Bones is the alter ego of Jay Bones, former front man for the popular South African ska band Fuzigish, here with his latest musical incarnation off Ramblin’ Bones & His Bloody Agents .



I Wonder

The track that started it all, from the album, Cold Fact, and the upcoming documentary Searching For Sugar Man.


Mzwakhe Mbuli

Now Is The Time

A track off Shifty compilation Shotdown which illustrates the label’s role in capturing and preserving a vibrant and important part of South Africa’s history of cultural resistance.


Summer Shade

Mango Tree

World Among The Clouds is Summer Shade’s latest EP. The band (previously known as Nungarin) has remolded their already unique and refreshing sound to produce a mixture of rock, tribal, African and folk.


Melanie Scholtz

Zillion Miles

A track off Zillion Miles from this classically trained vocalist, composer and lyricist who is highly respected by fellow musicians in her home city of Cape Town and who has enjoyed international success as a freelance singer.


The Genuines


Title track off the brilliant album Goema, from this Cape Town group who stars in the recent documentary on this indigenous Cape Music style, called Mama Goema.


Brian Currin and Stephen “Sugar” Segerman met in 1997 through the rediscovery of Rodriguez. A mutual love of music (especially the South African kind) and sharing it with others, saw them launch Sugar Music in the early-2000’s.

Sugar Music has since become the hub for many projects including, The South African Rock Encyclopedia, The SA Rock Digest,, Mabu Vinyl, and a number of other joint and associated music ventures.

Since 2004, Sugar Music has been supplying Channel 24 (MWeb’s entertainment portal) with MP3s by South African artists of all genres, and from all decades, for the MP3 section of their Homepage.

These MP3s are made available as free downloads by Channel 24, to help give exposure to all these artists and their music. Some tracks are full length (if requested by the artist), but most are edited to be between 70% and 75%, as long as they are longer than 2 minutes.

An image, a short blurb, and a hyperlink are included with each entry.

If you would like to take advantage of this excellent promotional opportunity, at no cost to yourself, please supply a list of songs that you are authorising for free download and which web address you would prefer each song linked to. Sugar Music will take care of the rest.

Sugar Music submits monthly reports to NORM, of all tracks supplied to Channel 24, to ensure transparency and compliance.

For more information please contact Sugar on or phone 021-4237635.

Latest Free South African MP3s

 World Music

Ella Joyce Buckley


Watch out for the new album from this amazing vocalist, here with a track off her recent album For Astraea .



Step-on (Preview Mix)

A special Preview Mix of new album Step-On , by computer generated music wizards FLW.



Saved By The Bell

A new track off the 4-song EP Saved By The Bell from Jaco Nel, a new performer on the SA music scene.

 World Music


Let It Rain In Afrika

This 5 piece Khayelitsha band fuses Marimba, Mbira, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals on their debut album, Afamba Apota (The Journey Beyond The Horizon).


Rian Malan


A track off this writer/muscian’s Alien Inboorling album, whose songs Koos Kombuis said were likely to force Afrikaners to “question everything we thought we knew about ourselves”.


Kalahari Surfers

Youth League

Following the African Soul Rebels tour (12 cities across the UK with 2 other West African bands) Warrick Sony unleashes his latest Kalahari Surfers album One Party State featuring heavy dubstep style bass-groove tracks.


Marcia Moon

When It’s Raining

A lovely new single from this Pretoria-based singer-songwriter whose recent album, A Gradual Awakening , clearly shows the artist’s class.



I Fell When You Spoke

New single off The Mystery of the Seven Stars , Pretoria-based, but Poland-inspired, Fulka’s first album whose draw-card lies in its clever merging of electronica and folk.


Karmic Kick

Angels Playground

The hot new single from these impressive Gauteng rockers off their new album called Enter Angels.


The Dirty Skirts

Daddy Don’t Disco

The title track off the recent album from the acclaimed and very popular Cape Town rock band.



Tsonga Regions (Prolurv Charm remix)

Some new deep house sounds off the recently released compilation called Jambalay SA.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Masta Li

Live from the Kitchen

The newly-released Durban Kings album by this hip hop artist, songwriter, singer, and record producer from KZN, rocks the house with pumping sounds and great beats.

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Latest Free Music Image Rock

K, Ray & The Bird

Misplaced Credit

Misplaced Credit – First single from the Cape Town Eclectic Folk Rock group off their new, second album, Rhymes In The Attic.

Latest Free Music Image Classical

Sterling EQ

Bach’s Kittens At Play

Sterling “Electric Quartet” has taken the South African entertainment industry by storm with their album, Nova,and their genre-defying musical style and sensational live performance.

Latest Free Music Image World Music



A song off the album The Journey: Marabi Moments, on which this specialist a capella group, in the mbube tradition, deliver a tribute to the music of two gifted South African composers.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

12th Avenue

Taking my Heart With You

The Cape Town rock band that features Idols contestant Mark Haze with a song off their new 6-track self-titled album.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Laurie Levine

Six Winters

Lovely first single and title track off the new album from the acclaimed Johannesburg singer-songwriter Laurie Levine’s third album “Six Winters” has just been released through Rhythm Records.Laurie’s blend of American roots music and the ‘Nu-Folk’ sound has earned her critical acclaim and a growing audience.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


See Yah

Ash (Ashwell Erasmus) – See Yah  – Something fresh from this very popular Port Elizabeth-based Gospel-Rap artist off his debut solo album, ‘House Party Vol.1‘.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Faith Why You Always Running


First single off this emerging Cape-based female indie artist’s brilliant lo-fi album, ‘Billboard Lights‘.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans

Mr Mac and the Genuines

Blikkie se Boom

Some Goema sounds from the Cape Kings of the genre off the ‘Voelvry’ compilation album of the wave of “alternative” Afrikaans music that swept the country in 1988/9. From Mr Mac & The Genuines.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Blacks R Fools

Skwatta Kamp’s legendary MC with an unabashedly political rap off his new album ‘Slikour Ventilation Volume 3

Latest Free Music Image Rock



A new track off the debut album, “2000 en Nag” from this 4-man Afrikaans hard rock band from Gauteng.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Otherwise

Rollercoaster To Insanity

The Otherwise is a four piece band out of Durban whose music is a blend of creative, dirty-sounding guitars and smooth, punchy bass lines over loud disco/punk/rock beats. Off  She Doesn’t Care, She Wants To Dance.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Bronwyn Reddy


Bronwyn Reddy’s debut album, Love Constant, is produced by the world renowned, SAMA award winning Mark Fransman. Her sultry soulful sound and poignant lyrics are the perfect ingredients for an adult contemporary album.

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Latest Free Music Image Rock

David Beretta Owens

Could This Be

David Beretta Owens, the ex-front man for Lithium, is back with his long awaited solo debut, ‘The Order of Things‘ produced by SAMA Award-winning producer Theo Crous.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop



B-Traq is an exciting new funk-pop band to hit the South African music scene, with a sound on their album Outatime that is both fresh and funky. B-Traq’s original music fuses several genres; Funk, RnB and Rock

Latest Free Music Image Dance/House/Electro


Bring Back The Humans

Feat. Jane Rademeyer – Maverick electronic producer Somerfaan’s brand new album ‘Laaste Somer‘, bears his signature sound; a mix of edgy programmed beats from found sounds and weird samples, big electronic bass riffs, dubby atmospherics and melodic synthesizer lines.r

Latest Free Music Image Dance/House/Electro



The seventh in the [F/L/W] series, ‘Album 7‘ is is a vanguard in the art of computer generated music and packed with atmospheric energy.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

12th Avenue

Walk on the Water

First single off the new self-titled album from this long-running and hard-rocking Cape Town band.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Jam Jarr

Creeping Out

Jam Jarr – Creeping Out – African Dope Records brings you the second offering of Jam Jarr – ‘I Am The Danger‘ – a 5-track journey into glitch,bass, rap, debauchery, and everything else that makes life the dirty good thing that it is.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Zen Arcade


Zen Arcade are back with a new album ‘Moonshine’, the band’s 3rd studio album which oozes their trademark addiction to melody and signature hook laden song-writing.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

MacGyver Knife


This hot Indie-rock band recently launched this first single off their debut album, Sewing Legend which was launched inMay.

Latest Free Music Image Pop

Neil T


With just two years worth of production experience, and five years instrumentation experience, Neil T‘s ability to compose and produce music is uncanny and innovative.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans


Emosiebelaaide Oorlogskreet

7Stukkesilwer has just released this latest single which was written to encourage and inspire every person that finds themselves in a difficult situation.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Stanley Zive

April Showers

New single from this talented Cape Town singer-songwriter off his debut album, Modern Love & Old World Romantics

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Richard The Third

Slip (Dank Remix)

Richard The Third is a force in the local electronic music scene, producing and DJ’ing as Richard The Third, Biscope or with Spoek Mathambo and Mshini Wam, here with his new EP ‘Dragonfly Slip

Latest Free Music at Channel 24 (supplied by

Latest Free Music Image Gospel


You Are

WorshipHop is a urban music duo out of Ingenious Creations, a record label that promotes good soulful music. They are currently about to release their debut EP.

Latest Free Music Image Rock


Sad Song

A track off ‘Rocking the Future Vol.1’ which is a compilation album of unsigned local Christian rock bands/artists from all over SA.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Corporal Punishment

You Must Be Crazy

Inspired by the British punk boom of the late ’70s, James Phillips formed his first band with Carl Raubenheimer and Mark Bennett, reflecting the angst and white paranoia of Springs.

Latest Free Music Image World Music

Siphamandla Bembe i

Shoe Shine

Siphamandla Bembe is an accomplished flugelhorn player and a still-young veteran of the last two decades of South African jazz fusion. Off the African Cream compilation ‘The Essential South African Trip’.

Latest Free Music Image Dance/House/Electro

Howling At The Moon

Howling At The Moon

J783 is a new ‘rocktronica’ project, an exploration in popular rock and electronica sounds, in a ‘free thinking’ songwriting and production process.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Jamie Shelley


Recorded in a stone cottage less in the Former Transkei, with a generator for power and the beautiful wild coast and its people for inspiration, off the album ‘Scrapbook’.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

The Brothers Streep

Fly Away Today (Proudly South African)

Another slice of South African musical humour from this crazy folk-pop gang off their album ‘Suitable For The Whole Family’.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop



Cobin Recardo Olivier is a well known Rap musician in the Cape Town,Stellenbosch area, where he is better known by his stage name Canine.

Latest Free Music Image

Dan Shout

Music Gazebo

This second single off ‘Greetings & Salutations’ is an amazing composition by Sakhile Moleshe about a man who has a heart attack on his way to a concert in a gazebo.

Latest Free Music Image World Music

3RD Generation

First Generation

A track off the album, ‘Marimba Magic’ by 3rd Generation which was formed in 2004, consisting of three members,Themba Hlope, Thulani Tshabalala and Thokozani Ziqubu.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Deep Fried Man

I’m Not Amused

Some deep fried musical cynicism from the Jozi troubadour who writes folk songs infused with bits of blues, soul, rock, hip-hop and rage for the mall generation.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans

David Kramer

Die Verlosser

Legendary Kramer shares this traditional yet dark story off his album “Hemel & Aarde” on which he builds on the influences that were heard in “Huistoe”. This style of music that David describes as “platteland gospel” has its roots deep in the folk music traditions of the Karoo and Namaqualand and the sound of church choirs from these remote regions.

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