Billy Forrest: A Selection Of My Favourite Songs

From Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest - A special selection of my favourite songs
Billy Forrest - A special selection of my favourite songs

It was a difficult one this. To remember my favourites over a span of 55 years was no mean feat, who do you leave out? I’ve chosen the songs that moved me the most, with just that “something” that makes a song reach into your soul. I’ve got two lists, International and “Local”. On the S.A. side it was more a case of appreciating the song, the performance and the production. Enjoy! – Billy Forrest

Artist/Song (International)

Cliff Richard & The Shadows (Live) – Miss you nights
Dobie Gray – Loving arms
Moody Blues – Nights in white satin
Dolly Parton – I will always love you
Kenny Rogers – Ruby don’t take your love to town
The Righteous Brothers – Unchained melody
The Walker Brothers – Make it easy on yourself
The Beatles – Yesterday
The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
Matt Monroe – Born free
Dion Warwick – Valley of the dolls
Mike & The Mechanics – The living years
Elvis Presley – Are you lonesome tonight
Tom Jones – What’s new pussycat
Richard Harris – McArthur park
Abba – Fernando
K.D.Lang – Hallelujah
Elton John – Sacrifice
Mamas & Papas – California dreaming
Josh Grobin – You raise me up

Artist/Song (Local)

June Dyer – Whirlpool of love
Dickie Loader & The Blue Jeans – Exclusively yours
The Flames – For your precious love
The Dream Merchants – Time and the river
The Staccatos – Cry to me
Clout – Substitute
Bright Blue – Weeping
McCully Workshop – The Buccaneer
Copperfield – So you win again
Ballyhoo – Man on the moon
Rabbitt – Charlie
Joanna Field – Don’t fly too high
Maria – Clap your hands and stamp your feet
Gene Rockwell – Heart
Ken.J.Larkin – Turn around
Johnny Clegg – Scatterlings of Africa
Margaret Singana – Mama Tembu’s wedding
Steve Hofmeyr – Pampoen
Laurika Rauch – Kinders van die wind
Sias Reinecke – Sproetjies

Thanks to Marq Vas’s Southern African Music Collectibles

Forty Days

“I’m gonna give you Forty Days … to get back”

Cliff Richard’s recording of ‘Forty Days’ in 1961, which was a cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Thirty Days’ from 1955, became an anthem in South Africa among the army guys, and was also adopted by many students as well.

Music Collector extraordinaire Tertius Louw has created a list of versions of Forty Days covered by South African artists.

  • Forty Days – Billy Forrest with Little Archie and the Twisters, Continental PD 7-8629, 1962
  • Forty Days/Twist and Shout medley – Dickie Loader and the Blue Jeans from the Album ‘Please come to my party’ Parlophone PMCJ 12021, 1964
  • Forty Days – Gene Rockwell Brigadiers BR 3038, 1971
  • Forty Days – Neil Herbert and the Settlement from the album ‘Neil Herbert and the Settlement’, MVN MVC 3701, 1976
  • Forty Days – Suzie Smith, EMIJ 11149, 1979
  • Forty Days – Suzie Smith from the soundtrack album ‘Forty Days’ EMI EMCJ M0 11561, 1979
  • 40 Days (note spelling) – Paul Buckby (Various Artists) from the album ‘Troopie Tunes’ Vonk Music Vonk 006, 2009
  • 40 Days – Various Artists from the album ‘Lekker Jol Treffers’ Fantastic Music FANCD 046, No Date
  • Fourty Days (note spelling) – Various Artists from the album ‘Stofpad Treffers vol 8’ Stofpad Musiek Stof 017, No Date
  • Forty Days – Clive Bruce, from the album ‘Bapsfontein Country Legends’, Leo Music LEOCD 242, 2010


20 Nuggets produced by Billy Forrest.

A playlist by Tertius Louw

1. Mel, Mel and Julian – 500 Miles from the CBS single, SSC 552, 1965

2. Quentin E Klopjaeger – Melody Fayre from the Trutone single TOS 528, 1969

3. William E – Papa’s Gonna Kiss It Better from the IRC single ICS 819, 1971

4. Dennis – Joey The Lipstick Collector from the IRC single ICS 805, 1971

5. Harvest – Welcome Home from the Polydor single PS 495, 1977

6. McCully Workshop – Why Can’t It Rain from the Trutone single TOS 672, 1970

7. Rising Sons – Hey Diddle Diddle from the Trutone single TOS 566, 1969

8. Omega Ltd – Grieg One from the Polydor single PS 121, 1970

9. Third Eye – Valley Of Sadness from the Polydor single PS 13, 1969

10. Dream Merchants – I’m Gonna Love You from the Polydor single PS 60, 1969

11. The Staccatos – Cinnamon Girl from the RTS single RTS 29, 1973

12. Sharon Tandy – Bang Bang from the WEA single WIS 547, 1981

13. Invaders – What’s Wrong With You from the Rave single RC 102, 1970

14. Browne – Riding On A red Bus from Polydor single PS 114, 1970

15. Wanda Arletti – Turn Me On from the Cherry single CS 1004, 1978

16. Steve Lonsdale – Hotel California from the Aztec single ACS 15, 1977

17. Sounds Reason – Glide Greatly from the Continental single PD 9619, 1970

18. The Dominoes – Keep It In The Family from the RPM single RPM 375, 1972

19. The Bats – Hold Your Head Up from the RPM single RPM 374, 1972

20. Kurt Darren – For Your Precious Love from the CD album, STIDCD 154, 2009


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