Ex-Falling Mirror Drummer Pat Humphreys passes away

Patrick Humphreys | Image: Facebook

It is with great sadness that we share the sad news that Pat Humphreys has passed away.

Pat was the drummer for the legendary Cape Town band, Falling Mirror, alongside Allan Faull and Nielen Mirror, after beginning his association with them as a member of the pre-Falling Mirror band Wakeford Hart in 1970.

Pat then left that band for a few years, until, after a few different line-ups and band names, Allan and Nielen finally settled on the name Falling Mirror in 1978. Pat then re-joined the classic Falling Mirror line up in 1978 alongside Allan (guitar), Nielen (vocals), Pat (drums) and Tully McCully (bass) for their run of classic SA rock albums including ‘Zen Boulders’, ‘The Storming Of The Loft’ and ‘Fantasy Kid’.

On behalf of the South African Rock fraternity we pass on our condolences to the Humphreys family and all Pat’s friends and fellow musicians.


Falling Mirror, 2013: Harvey Cohen, Sharon Clifton, Nielen Marais, Patrick Humphreys, Allan Faull

Fan Message from Caroline in South Africa

Hey Rodriguez, I just want to say I love your music.

I bought your album Cold Fact when I was 11 years old. (Sadly subsequently stolen).

Such truth in your words.
(I was at a convent and got into trouble for playing your album on school break up day).

You are a genius, and I’m sorry you were robbed of your dues.
May you be blessed.

All the way from South Africa xxx


It Was 24 Years Ago Today… That I Saw Rodriguez Play! | Brian Currin

Rodriguez and Brian Currin on the 7th March 1998... with just autographed, rolled-up set list clutched in his hand!
Rodriguez and Brian Currin on the 7th March 1998… with just autographed, rolled-up set list clutched in his hand!

The Set List

  1. I Wonder
  2. Only Good For Conversation
  3. Can’t Get Away
  4. Crucify Your Mind
  5. Jane S. Piddy
  6. To Whom It May Concern
  7. Like Janis
  8. Inner City Blues
  9. Street Boy
  10. A Most Disgusting Song
  11. I’ll Slip Away
  12. Halfway Up The Stairs
  13. I Think Of You
  14. Rich Folks Hoax
  15. Climb Up On My Music


  16. Sugar Man
  17. Establishment Blues
  18. Forget It

Scan of the sound engineer’s set list, dated and autographed.

Set List 7 March 1998

From Sweet Songs To Street Songs

Review by Brian Currin

From the simplistic, yet instantly recognisable bass guitar intro of I Wonder, to the last fading echoes of Thanks For Your Time, this was a show that enthralled everyone from the die-hard old fans with their balding heads and beer paunches to the new virgin devotees.

From sweet songs to street songs,
from bitter to beautiful,
from minor keys to metal mayhem,
from tear-jerker to tear-it-up,
from disgusting songs to rock anthems…this was truly a magic show of vast proportions.

Rodriguez has not released new material in over 25 years, he has no chart-topping singles, yet he opens to a standing ovation – and everybody sings along to all the songs.

Colin Taylor from KFM radio opened the show by shouting with great enthusiasm:
“Cape Town, put your hands together and welcome a true legend on stage – Rodriguez!”

Reuben Samuels started a slow drum beat and when Graeme Currie introduced that classic bass line (de-de de-de de-dum) the crowd went wild in instant recognition and when The Man slipped quietly onto the stage, the Velodrome stood up in adoration for this long-lost legend. I Wonder was wonderful and after the song, Rodriguez just stood and stared at the audience in awe.

Only Good For Conversation was done hard and heavy with great guitar from Willem Möller.
“..you’re so proper and so cute” sang Rodriguez with a smile in his voice.

Can’t Get Away was superb and when he started to sing the second verse again by mistake, the band supported him and the audience forgave him.

All the favourites followed with the arrangements staying very close to the originals and the crowd hanging on every word. Tonia Selley from The Pressure Cookies and Big Sky provided superb backing vocals throughout.

A highlight was the solo rendition of “A Most Digusting Song” sung with great humour. “There’s someone here who’s almost a virgin I’m told” was met with much laughter.
And when he sang “…your government will provide the shrugs” a responsive chord was hit, even though this song was written in 1970!

Rodriguez doesn’t say much, he lets his music and words speak to us, but he did give us one message:

I want to wish you the best of luck
in everything you do,
you’re gonna do it,
you’re gonna solve it,
you’re gonna heal ’em,
you’re gonna do it

– perceptive and profound words from this poet and prophet.

And then into an absolutely incredible blues-rock version of Climb Up On My Music. Willem Möller burnt up his fretboard with a classic rock guitar solo and Russel Taylor played a jazzy-blues keyboard solo which left us breathless.

Rodriguez slipped away as the band ended the song, but soon returned to perform a 3-song encore starting with Sugar Man, then Establishment Blues and ending with the perfect show-closer Forget It with those poignant words “Thanks for your time“.

Thank you, Cape Town” sang Rodriguez.

No, thank YOU, Rodriguez – the mystery and myth may be gone, but the music and memories will live forever and the magic of that night will stay with us always.

Originally posted on SugarMan.org

The Establishment Blues Animated Video

Rodriguez – This Is Not A Song, Its An Outburst, Or The Establishment Blues

Hi there,

My name is Jordan and I am from Toronto, Canada. I’m a huge fan of Rodriguez and have both albums on vinyl and listen to them often. I’m an animation student and for one of our projects we got to make a visual that would accompany a song – for mine I chose the Establishment Blues. I’ve attached a link to the youtube video, I hope you enjoy it and would love to know your thoughts!

I would be very happy if you would share this on the sugarman website and possibly the youtube page as well if possible.


Jordan Sahay

Fan Message from Detroit

My name is Beau, I’m a 20 year old folk singer in Detroit.

I found your music two years ago, when I was living in Hamtramck. Cold Fact seemed to define that year for me.

I always wanted to play music but I found it so hard to start. I heard your record and it kicked me into action. I had a thought like “here’s this amazing artist, from my city” That’s the year I started writing.

I put on your record today and I thought about that year: about the housing instability, the financial struggle, being alone. But I also thought about the fire it lit under me. I wanted to write songs that made me feel the way your music made me feel.

I needed to sing if I was gonna handle life these days.

I’m playing my first show this May. I’m doing so much better. Music is medicine I really believe that.

I know I’ve never met you but you are a mentor to me. When I think of my hometown I think of you. Thank you for helping me.


Thank You For Searching For Sugar Man


I just want to thank you all for this amazing documentary. My name is Glenn Cameron Howard and I reside in Warren Ontario Canada. I just wanted to thank Rodriguez for allowing us to see this amazing story of his life as well as all of you that participated in this documentary. I am a 46-year-old dad who has always been looking for amazing new music.

And I would’ve never discovered Rodriguez, unfortunately because of his music not being produced here.

It is one of the most inspirational documentaries I’ve ever seen in my 46 years on this planet. The creation of his artistic abilities, and his view, motivates me to keep on singing and writing music. If you have any way of contacting him, please thank him from me, as the talents and gifts he has shared have helped me go through things in my life.

I would personally like to thank each and every one of you that has created the documentary and given a voice to this talented person and I hope that the Rodriguez family knows that Rodriguez’s music will always have a place in my heart.

Glenn-Cameron Howard

Fan Message from Australia

Hi Rodriguez,

My name is John. How are you? I hope you are well. I just wanted to say that I am a massive fan and have been since I was a teenager. I’m 47 now and it’s funny to think that I remember first listening to Cold Fact seems like yesterday.

I live in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia. A town called Lismore, not far from Byron Bay. I work as a disability support worker. One of my clients is a local Indigenous man who loves your music. He grew up listening to you too. His name is Thomas.
We always have your music playing in the car. Or if we’re just quietly watching the river after lunch.

That’s in fact, what we’re doing right now. And we both thank you for your awesome music.

Much love and respect from John and Thomas

Fan Message

Hey Sixto, This is Vito’s art teacher from Southwest Detroit. We met at Daley in the Alley in 2005 or 6. The hippies downstairs gave us chocolates that had magic mushrooms, so I wasn’t sure if it was the mushrooms or what, but when you told us some European guy wanted to make a movie about you, the mushrooms kicked in. I remember laughing wondering if you were joking. So I got recruited to teach in Hawaii, the island of Kauai’i. I was watching the Oscars in 2012 when I heard Best Documentary, A story about a Detroit musician…. I started trippin’ again! Well, I returned to Detroit the day before Harvey hit Houston. I would have been trapped there the next day. Detroit surely has changed. I don’t live in Corktown anymore neighbor

Peace and love Those were some magical mushrooms all right

Hector Tapia Perez

All Night Radio at The Concert In The Park, 37 Years Ago Today!

Concert held at Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg on the 12th January 1985 in aid of Operation Hunger.

When we got to Ellis Park that afternoon the stadium was heaving with 110 000 South African music fans packed in across the turf, throughout the stadium and up on the roof!

Juluka and Johnny Clegg held that crowd in the palm of their hands, and then the whole place erupted in joy when Lucky Dube came on. He channelled  the love running through everyone that night.

”I love this man”, I heard someone scream, as the place rocked to the deep pulse of rhythm and sound, bonding 110 000 people as one.

Steve Louw, December 2021
All Night Radio (left-to-right): Steve Louw, Rob Nagel, Richard “Dish” Devey, Nico Burger
All Night Radio (left-to-right): Steve Louw, Rob Nagel, Richard “Dish” Devey, Nico Burger

Searching For Sugar Man

Searching For Sugar Man trailers

We have just watched your documentary and think there should be more people like you in the world who share the wealth of their love as well as in other ways too. You have been an incredible father to your daughters who seem in awe of you and grateful for the life you provided for them. Your music is so poetic and beautiful and we would love to hear you in one final tour, or maybe a live performance recorded in Detroit?

Sending love and so much gratitude for you in the world.

Anz and Teed xxxxxxx
Bristol, UK

Message for Rodriguez

Dear Sixto, since years I love your music. Until 2011 I have been the artistic director of a main German festival: JazzBaltica. I tried so often to get in touch and to invite you – it never worked. I am as old as you and now I live in Berlin – still hearing and loving your art. I am writing this today, because I have seen again the film “Searching for Sugar Man”, and this touched me deeply again. You are wonderful, my dream did not come true to meet you once but your music stays a main part of my live.


Rainer Haarmann

Capital Radio 604 Hall Of Fame 2021

Capital Radio 604 Hall Of Fame 2021

The Hall of Fame will be broadcast on our stream from 8am – 6pm on Boxing day  It will include voices from the old DJs (including Smith, Simons, Crozier, Newman, Prior, Kahn, Scott, Blewitt and Oxley)  and jingles and the 150 top songs voted by the 604 fans. To listen click on  https://www.capital604.com/live

The Facebook Group can be found on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Capital604/

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