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Poem: “Do you see the changes music makes to the dreamers”

Do you see the changes music makes to the dreamers, Infected the subconscience, Built the minds of the givers, What happened to the visionaries, I a world that no longer cares, A modest poor man of integrity, Re-appears with words

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‘Got my face on a milk carton They’re looking for me, man Looking for my music Afrikaners, other fans Wanna hear me play Now that I am found Don’t look for me tomorrow— I won’t be around’ He and other

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Poems for Rodriguez by Marc LaLonde

These poems about Rodriguez were written recently by Marc LaLonde, after seeing Searching For Sugar Man. Contact Marc at: In an encore for a journeyman In an encore for a journeyman, A rambling hurdy-gurdy man, The past becomes the

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My poem for Rodriguez

Cold fact A Poem by MOON The wind in the trees are rustling Kismet’s alchemy a magic wand The sky meets the rising ocean A waltz anticipating no end For far too long no applause no roses and wine You

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