Hammerhead Hotel, feat Falling Mirror, Jack Hammer, The Dolly Rockers, McCully Workshop, Radio Rats

Hammerhead Hotel | photo: Michael Currin
Hammerhead Hotel | photo: Michael Currin

Track List

1. Bus Station – Fly Paper Jet
2. Hammerhead Hotel – Falling Mirror
3. Alison – Dolly Rockers
4. Getting Better – Scabby Annie
5. Shock Time For Rock – The Popguns
6. Morrison Hotel – Jack Hammer
7. Werewolf In The House – Falling Mirror
8. Kamikasi – McCully Workshop
9. Mucking About In The Dungeons All Day – Radio Rats
10. Monster From The Bog – Psycho Reptiles
11. Bellville Rock City – New World Inside
12. Psycho Bitch – Toxic Shame
13. Boxstar Kitty – Three Bored White Guys
14. Blue Eyed Devil – Th’ Damned Crows
15. Psycho-Babble – Lancaster Band
16. Britney Spears – Tweak
17. Babydoll Blues – The Ragdolls
18. Psycho – Them Tornados
19. Woo Hoo! – Fire Through The Window
20. Baby Girl You’re Gonna Burn! – Peachy Keen
21. Drakilla – The Psykotix
22. Surfin’ With The Goth Gang – Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop
23. Krokodil – Retro Dizzy
24. Buccaneer – Moyawetu
25. Beethoven Is Dying – Koos Kombuis En Die Warmblankes
26. Only Yesterday – Sharkbrother
27. Boomtown Hotel – Valiant Swart
28. Kitchener – Piet Botha
29. Praha Paradise (2007 version) – Ernestine Deane feat Tim Parr
30. Die Gipsy In Jou Oë – Anna Davel
31. Farewell To Gypsy – Bonekey

Jive Talking and Eyeballing #3 [10 July 2020] feat Ballyhoo, Rabbitt, Stingray, McCully Workshop

A series of one hour All-South African mixes to enhance the Public Facebook Group “Jive Talking and Eyeballing”, which is an interview showcase of both South African and International artists.

A 70’s mix with the spotlight on Rabbitt and Trevor Rabin.


More information on most of these artists at www.Rock.co.za

1. Rock ‘n Roll Party – Ballyhoo
2. The Boy & The Bee – Omega Limited
3. The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader & Freedoms Children
4. The San Diego Sniping Event – Falling Mirror
5. Charlie – Rabbitt
6. Substitute – Clout
7. Guinevere – McCully Workshop
8. What’s Going On – The Third Eye
9. Telephone Girl – Assagai
10. Hard Ride – Rabbitt
11. Candlelight – Richard Jon Smith
12. Astral III – The Invaders
13. Black Night – Omega Limited
14. Evil Ways – The Attraction
15. Better The Devil You Know – Stingray
16. Jo Bangles – Baxtop
17. Fantasy – Trevor Rabin
18. Born To Be Wild – Buffalo feat Peter Vee
19. The Journey – The Staccatos

New releases from Fresh Music

Wild Youth - A Leopard Never Change Her Spots
Wild Youth – A Leopard Never Change Her Spots

Released for the first time on CD is the long awaited retrospective of South Africa’s legendary original punk band, Wild Youth. This massive 23 track set includes all of Wild Youth’s late 70`s seminal singles, live and demo tracks plus several songs from the band’s alter ego outfit, The Gay Marines. Wild Youth are prominently featured in the film documentary “Punk in Afrika”, currently showing in key US and European film festivals.

Astral Daze 3 - Snapshots Of The South African Rock Underground
Astral Daze 3 – Snapshots Of The South African Rock Underground

Volume 3 of our acclaimed Astral Daze series find us in the company of some well known ‘underground’ bands (Freedom’s Children, Abstract Truth, The Bats) and some lesser known luminaries of the psych rock era (The Gentle People, Finder’s Keepers, 004’s, Wakeford Hart). The compilation is rounded off with some real classics including engineer Peter Pearlson’s 2011 remix of Hawk’s ‘Here comes the sun’ and Sharon Tandy’s psych collaboration with UK rockers Fleur De Lys.

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Billy Forrest: A Selection Of My Favourite Songs

From Billy Forrest

Billy Forrest - A special selection of my favourite songs
Billy Forrest - A special selection of my favourite songs

It was a difficult one this. To remember my favourites over a span of 55 years was no mean feat, who do you leave out? I’ve chosen the songs that moved me the most, with just that “something” that makes a song reach into your soul. I’ve got two lists, International and “Local”. On the S.A. side it was more a case of appreciating the song, the performance and the production. Enjoy! – Billy Forrest

Artist/Song (International)

Cliff Richard & The Shadows (Live) – Miss you nights
Dobie Gray – Loving arms
Moody Blues – Nights in white satin
Dolly Parton – I will always love you
Kenny Rogers – Ruby don’t take your love to town
The Righteous Brothers – Unchained melody
The Walker Brothers – Make it easy on yourself
The Beatles – Yesterday
The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
Matt Monroe – Born free
Dion Warwick – Valley of the dolls
Mike & The Mechanics – The living years
Elvis Presley – Are you lonesome tonight
Tom Jones – What’s new pussycat
Richard Harris – McArthur park
Abba – Fernando
K.D.Lang – Hallelujah
Elton John – Sacrifice
Mamas & Papas – California dreaming
Josh Grobin – You raise me up

Artist/Song (Local)

June Dyer – Whirlpool of love
Dickie Loader & The Blue Jeans – Exclusively yours
The Flames – For your precious love
The Dream Merchants – Time and the river
The Staccatos – Cry to me
Clout – Substitute
Bright Blue – Weeping
McCully Workshop – The Buccaneer
Copperfield – So you win again
Ballyhoo – Man on the moon
Rabbitt – Charlie
Joanna Field – Don’t fly too high
Maria – Clap your hands and stamp your feet
Gene Rockwell – Heart
Ken.J.Larkin – Turn around
Johnny Clegg – Scatterlings of Africa
Margaret Singana – Mama Tembu’s wedding
Steve Hofmeyr – Pampoen
Laurika Rauch – Kinders van die wind
Sias Reinecke – Sproetjies

Thanks to Marq Vas’s Southern African Music Collectibles

50 Original South African Songs

A non-definitive list of 50 great South African songs, that are not cover versions of overseas hits.

Arranged in chronological order of release date.

1. Vuka Vuka The Manhattan Brothers
2. Meadowlands Archie Coker & The Meteors
3. Ag Pleez Deddy (aka The Ballad Of The Southern Suburbs) (live 1962) Jeremy Taylor
4. Pata Pata Miriam Makeba
5. Silence Is Golden The Square Set
6. Master Jack 4 Jacks & A Jill
7. I Need Someone Alan Garrity
8. Orang Otang Hawk
9. Charlie Rabbitt
10. Playgrounds In Paradise Finch & Henson
11. Johannesburg The Julian Laxton Band
12. Buccaneer McCully Workshop
13. Villagers Theme (from TV series) Mick Jade
14. You’re Living Inside My Head John Ireland
15. ZX Dan Radio Rats
16. Boy Van Die Suburbs Anton Goosen
17. Better The Devil You Know Stingray
18. Man On The Moon Ballyhoo
19. Paradise Road Joy
20. Roxy Lady Neill Solomon
21. Schoolboy Asylum Kids
22. You’re So Good To Me Hotline feat PJ Powers
23. Bowtie Boogaloo Morocko
24. Give Me The Good News Crocodile Harris
25. Shadows éVoid
26. See Yourself (Clowns) Ella Mental
27. Jabulani PJ Powers & Hotline
28. Baby You Been Good Robin Auld
29. Burn Out Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse
30. Johnny Calls The Chemist Falling Mirror
31. We Are Growing Margaret Singana & Julian Laxton
32. This Boy Sweatband
33. Weeping Bright Blue
34. Scatterlings Of Africa Johnny Clegg & Savuka
35. Be Bop Pop The Spectres
36. Hometalk Mango Groove
37. Shosholoza Ladysmith Black Mambazo with The Team
38. Afrikan Dream Vicky Sampson
39. Sarajevo Jack Hammer
40. Shallow Waters Just Jinger
41. Who Killed Kurt Cobain Koos Kombuis
42. Goeienag Generaal Piet Botha
43. Die Mystic Boer Valiant Swart
44. Un-Ez Springbok Nude Girls
45. Nkalakatha Mandoza
46. I’ll Remember You Brian Finch
47. Gasoline Saron Gas
48. Africa’s Not For Sissies Syd Kitchen
49. Another Universe Arno Carstens
50. Doo Be Doo Freshly Ground

Memories Are Made Of This – Best Of SA Pop

A 2CD set of some of the best South African Pop and Rock hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Memories Are Made Of This - Best Of SA Pop
Memories Are Made Of This - Best Of SA Pop

Disc 1

1. Hungry For Love – A-Cads
2. Silence Is Golden – Square Set
3. Get Me Some Help – Neville Whitmill
4. Live On – Pierre De Charmoy
5. Master Jack – Four Jacks And A Jill
6. Cry To Me – Staccatos
7. Hometalk – Mango Groove
8. Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow – Dealians
9. Mammy Blue – Charisma
10. Paradise Road – Joy
11. Turn Around – Ken J.Larkin
12. My Only – Coleske
13. Please Stay – Jonathan Butler
14. Love Minus Zero – Dream Merchants
15. For Your Precious Love – The Flames
16. Put Your Hand In The Hand – Alan Garrity
17. Shadows – eVoid
18. Charlie – Rabbitt
19. Venus – Stockley Sisters
20. I Never Loved A Man – Margaret Singana
21. Man On The Moon – Ballyhoo
22. ZX Dan – Radio Rats

Disc 2

1. My Kind Of Girl – Cinema
2. A Million Drums – Dennis East
3. Charley – Sean Rennie
4. Long Days And Lonely Nights – Lincoln
5. Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet – Maria
6. Heart – Gene Rockwell
7. Lazy Life – Quentin E. Klopjaeger
8. Shabby Little Hut – The Bats
9. Burn Out – Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuto
10. Feel So Strong – PJ Powers & Steve Kekana
11. Buccaneer – McCully Workshop
12. Tabatha Twichet – The Dominos
13. How Do You Do – Rising Sons
14. The Spaniard – Lesley Rae Dowling
15. Toy Train – John Edmond
16. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Jessica Jones
17. All Of Woman – Robin Auld
18. Take My Heart – Pendulum
19. Born In A Taxi – Blk Sonshine
20. So You Win Again – Copperfield
21. This Boy – Sweatband
22. I Am A Rock – John & Sharpe & The Squires

Classic South African Rock Songs available to download

Many of my favourite South African Rock songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have been becoming available for download on Rhythm Music Store over the last while.

Here are a few of them, in no particular order:

Is It An Ism or Is It Art – Niki Daly (via 1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf)

Is It An Ism or Is It Art – Niki Daly Is It An Ism or Is It Art – Niki Daly (More sophisticated than the arse-elbow debate) Sometimes quirky songs can end up being just embarrassing. The best way to avoid that is to consult your nearest ‘Encyclopaedia of Artists From The Late 1800’s To Early 1900’s Who Have Unpronounceable Names’ (available in paperback from any reputable bookstore) … Read More

via 1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

The Buccaneer – McCully Workshop (via 1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf)

One of my all-time favourite songs by one of my all-time favourite South African bands.

The Buccaneer – McCully Workshop The Buccaneer – McCully Workshop (Rated Arrrr!!) Tully McCully is an relatively unsung hero of South African music. Apart from his work with McCully Workshop, his name appears on numerous South African records sleeves as producer or writer. His Spaced Out Studios are also a popular place for South African music to be recorded. In 1965 Tully and his b … Read More

via 1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

Up-to-date list of South African albums available from Retro Fresh

Top Ten Tunes: Top MP3 Downloads at Channel24

Die Radio Kalahari Orkes with Jack Parow – Blaas Jou Vuvuzela

HeuninglandIan Roberts and his bakgat band of boeremusiek brothers team up with super romantic Afrikaans rap star Jack Parow on this tongue-in-cheeky World Cup anthem-in-the-making anthem about braaivleis, brandy and Vuvuzela blowing! Off heir third album of all star collaborations, “Heuningland”.

Download Listen Now

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Jennifer Ferguson – Where You Gonna Be Tomorrow

“Love knows no colour” is the timeless message of this beautiful African folk pop ballad off the legendary SA songbird’s second album, ‘Untimely’, released on the Shifty label.

Download Listen Now

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Die Heuwels Fantasties – Our Heritage

Our HeritageHip indie dance rock combo celebrate Heritage Day (aka Braai Day) by hooking up with heavyweight hip-hop players HHP and JR, and the Grammy winning Soweto Gospel Choir. It’s a contagiously fun colab with Die Heuwels’ Pierre Greeff singing in English, HHP and JR keeping it real and the Soweto Gospel Choir adding their soaring African harmonies: “So it’s a flyday. We call it a braai day….”

Download Listen Now

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Koos Kombuis – Die Groen Fokkol Song

“The problems facing Planet Earth are far more serious than whether we like Malema or not, or what people think of the new ANC leather jackets” says the iconic Afrikaans singer songwriter on this eco-friendly overhaul of his classic protest song about service delivery.

Download Listen Now

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DJ MuZI.GP – Chemistry

Muzimania UnleashedHot new Gauteng DJ drops another choice Deep Soul House joint off his 15-track dance album, ‘Muzimania Unleashed’.

Download Listen Now

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No Friends Of Harry – Paint It Black

Legendary SA gothic rockers remind today’s disaffected skinny jeans jet set what real alternative music is all about with this fantastic cover of the Rolling Stones classic. Off their retrospective collection, ‘The Present Has Passed’.

Download Listen Now

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Dans Republic – Afrikaans

AfrikaansWhat happens when Afrikaans progressive rockers Foto Na Dans invite Flash Republic’s Tamara Dey, Ryan Dent and Craig Massiv to remix one of their unreleased tracks? Imagine Muse dropping a soul-drenched tab of electro dance while giving ‘Die Taal’ the thumbs up and you’re half way there!

Download Listen Now

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Van Coke Kartel – Voor Ons Stof Word

Them Crooked Vultures get lost in Afrikaans garage rock translation on this suicidally hip new single about seizing the day from Francois Van Coke’s bad ass boys. Off their forthcoming album, ‘Skop Skiet en Donner’.

Download Listen Now

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Sterling EQ – Nkalakatha

NovaSA’s all-girl instrumental supergroup give Mandoza’s kwaito anthem a chic classical makeover on this sexy single off their new album, ‘Nova’.

Download Listen Now

» Read the Review · Listen · Read more

McCully Workshop – Sweet Fields Of Green

Fans of early Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd are going to love this progressive pop rock gem off the South African legends’ recently-reissued 1971 album, ‘Genesis’.

Download Listen Now

» Read the Review · Listen

South African Rock Gold 3 CD Collection

(album cover)

For the first time ever…a 59 track, 3 CD set of the cream of South African rock, from the early ’70s through to the ’90s….Killer tunes from the likes of Evoid, Tribe after Tribe, Stingray, Hawk, Baxtop, The Sweatband, Squeal, Freedoms Children, Ellamental, Wild Youth, Julian Laxton and many more.

Available from Fresh Music

Disc 1

  1. Freedoms Children – 1999
  2. Suck – Aimless Lady
  3. Otis Waygood – You’re late Miss Kate
  4. Abstract Truth – It’s alright with me
  5. The Bats – The Rock Machine
  6. The Tidal Wave – Spider Spider
  7. Hawk – Here comes the sun
  8. Omega Limited – Tchaikovsky 1
  9. Circus – Long legged lady
  10. Stingray – Better the devil you know
  11. Julian Laxton Band – Celebrate
  12. Rabbitt – Savage
  13. McCully Workshop – Buccaneer
  14. Finch & Henson – Lonely Spacemen
  15. Lesley Rae Dowling – Grips of emotion
  16. Baxtop – Jo Bangles
  17. Radio Rats – ZX Dan
  18. Flash Harry – No football
  19. Sue Kiel – Julia
  20. Wild Youth – Wot about me

Disc 2

  1. Peach – A lot of things
  2. No Friends of Harry – Competition rules
  3. The Sweatband – This boy
  4. Dog Detachment – Touch the sky
  5. Ellamental – Pressure
  6. Tribe After Tribe – Damsel (as I went out one morning)
  7. Psycho Reptiles – Monster from the Bog
  8. The Spectres – Be Bop Pop
  9. Asylum Kids – Fight it with your mind
  10. Evoid – I am a fadget
  11. Falling Mirror – Johnny calls the chemist
  12. Petit Cheval – Once in a lifetime
  13. Cherry Faced Lurchers – Do the lurch
  14. The Helicopters – Mysteries & Jealousies
  15. Robin Auld – All of woman
  16. Bright Blue – Weeping
  17. Celtic Rumours – Slow rain
  18. Hotline – You’re so good to me

Disc 3

  1. Shifty Henry – Gimme little sign
  2. Squeal – Killing the light
  3. Urban Creep – Sea level
  4. The Pressure Cookies – Baby Baby
  5. The Kerels – Golden days
  6. Lithium – Bite it
  7. The Sunshines – Wanna make love
  8. The Electric Petals – Sister Love
  9. Little Sister – Little Sister
  10. Blue Chameleon – Hoss
  11. Fetish – Constant
  12. The Diamond Dogs – Going home
  13. Arapaho – Wild warrior
  14. Fat City – Bad habit
  15. Sugardrive –Disco Lazarus
  16. Sunways – Colour me in
  17. Toxic Shame – Rollercoaster ride
  18. Jack Hammer – Headlines
  19. Jo Day – Princess
  20. Helloangel – I don’t care
  21. Blue Scream – Without your love


Tracks licensed courtesy of EMI Music, Warner Music/Gallo Music, Fuller Music, Angela Music, David Gresham Records, Neil Cloud, Spaced Out Sounds, 3rd Ear Music, Radium Wreckords, Michael Fleck, Amber Music, Alan Armstrong, Ashland Music, Sheer Music, Shifty Music, Robin Auld, Universal Music, Diamond Dogs, Toni Gozza, Legend Music, and John Buckley.

Compiled by Benjy Mudie for Universal Music. Grateful thanks to Johnny Dorfling for the concept, Chris Venter for the sound advice, Gary Crause for the mastering, and Patsy Thompson for all the legalities.

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