A tribute show to the legend that was Jim Morrison.


A tribute show to the legend that was Jim Morrison.

tribute to jim morrison
tribute to jim morrison

The 3rd of July marks the untimely death of one of rocks greatest poets so on Friday the 1st of July we pay tribute to Jim and his Doors.

Line-Up includes:
Johnathan and Aiden Martin from the No Quarter band, Heidi Kriel, Jack Hammer & The Black Cat Bones.

For bookings phone 012 345 3602

Morrison remains one of the most popular and influential singers/songwriters in rock history. To this day he is widely regarded as the prototypical rock star: surly, sexy, scandalous and mysterious.

Come join us in celebrating the Lizard King.

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Decade: Some of Brian Currin’s favourite South African Tunes from the last ten years

An unordered list of songs by South African artists that have caught my attention over the last ten years.

This is not a Top Ten or Top Twenty or Top One Hundred list.  Who can be that definitive?

And I will add to it often, I am sure.

  • Molalatladi – BLK JKS
  • I Remember You – Brian Finch
  • Praha Paradise – Ernestine Deane
  • Mr Midnight – Jack Hammer
  • I’m Only Human – The Parlotones
  • Shout – Artists For A Safer SA
  • Breyten se Brief – Jan Blohm
  • Bus Na Toronto – Andries Bezuidenhout
  • Jozi Town – Jack Hammer and Tidal Waves
  • Natalie – The Black Hotels
  • Staan My By – Die Radio Kalahari Orkes with Chris Chameleon
  • Great, Great Day – Watershed
  • Gasoline – Saron Gas
  • Paralyzer – Ghetto Muffin
  • Diep In Gauteng – Stefan Lombard
  • Black Girl, White Boy – Ludik with Gal Level
  • I Want To Die On A Tuesday Afternoon – The Buckfever Underground
  • We Are Growing (2010 remix) – Margaret Singana feat Ryan Shields

Jack Hammer Newsletter May 2010…

Apologies for always being late with news .At least the gig guide is always up to date thanks to Brian Currin. 2010 has been a bit crazy so far with lots of travelling and some changes in the band and a lot of collaboration with other bands and musicians but it has been a rollercoaster. It seems the fight for independence keeps getting harder but I am sure we shall overcome.

Just got back from Mocambique , where we played the 2010 STRAB Festival.The bands were great,the weather was unreal and Jack Hammer performed with some of their old friends like Akkedis, Albert Frost,Tidal Waves, The Silver Creek Mountain Band, The Black Cat Bones,Southern Gypsy Queen and many more. Donovan Borne , who has been forging a solo career over the last few years has joined us on guitar and vocals and we look forward to working with him.The festival was once again stripped of superficials and loaded with real music by some fabulous younger bands like Pennilane (from Namibia), Mr. Cat and the Jackal ( Cape Town) ,Zinkplaat (Cape Town), Die Tuindwergies (Pta)and many more.

My heartfelt thanks to Annerie Snyman and Conrad Jamneck,Franco Jamneck,Jan Haarhoff and all the other guys on the sound and lighting crew for a special show .To all the people at Ponta Malongane ,we will never forget the last seven years.And so ,from Malongane to the Cape…..

The first two weeks in June will feature Piet Botha on a Cape Tour where he will be teaming up with The Akkedis Band as well as special guests Jacques Groenewald and Li Ann Cummins in a collaboration that started many years ago but was cast in stone during December 2009 on the “Lizard Kings Tour”.The sets feature material from all our histories as well as brand new songs and super jams.Kicking off in Robertson on the 4th and 5th of June at Wolfkloof Wine Cellars as part of the Wacky Wine Festival, The Lizard Kings will also be performing at Bohemia in Stellenbosch (10th), Berties Moorings in Gordons Bay (11th),Die Plaasteater in Kuilsrivier (12th) and Die Boer in Durbanville (13th) .The dates and times are on the gig calendar.There will also be two acoustic shows where Piet will perform with a new talent from the Cape ,Jacques Groenewald , at Seaside Blues in Melkbos on the 6th of June and at Dorpstraat Teater (Stellenbosch) on the 9th June.

In the meantime we are working on new songs and hope to have something ready later in the year. To all our friends and family, thank you for being on the journey with us.

Piet Botha

3rd Ear @ THE ROCK Umzumbe EVERY SUNDAY From 1pm – Piet Botha to play 16 May

@THE ROCK Umzumbe – EVERY Sunday 2010: David Marks, your host, pulls in, plugs in ‘n plays his songs with other locals & visitors, and spins many CD recordings as never seen or heard on TV and radio… from 1.00pm….. Bring the family and a blanket to spread out on The Rock; Pop & rock in after your wave – for a song, a bite a beer and a chat.

PIET BOTHA (Raven / Jack Hammer) 16th May Piet is coming down from the mad rush of Pretoria to cool off down @ The Rock with his trade-mark off-road gravel SAfrican Blues PIET BOTHA will perform his new tunes and some JACK HAMMER standards, unplugged, with DONOVAN BORNE. (Details and biog to follow.)

Piet Botha & The Lizard Kings…a tale of two bands..

Two of SA ‘s most enduring rock bands have a bond that goes back many years.

Having been friends since the early 1990’s they often performed at the same shows and would jam together whenever the opportunity would present itself.During 2001 Piet Botha and J.Martin of the Jack Hammer band were on a two week tour in the UK but the venues were more suited for a full band than an acoustic 2 piece,and so the Akkedis band who were on the same roadshow filled in on all the dates as Jack Hammer besides doing their own repertoire.These were tough times but the bond was cemented by their experiences there.

Since then they have worked together on many occasions but distance has always been a hindrance as Jack Hammer is a Pretoria band and Akkedis is from Stellenbosch.During December 2009 they embarked on a rollercoaster tour starting in Wildernis and winding up a couple of weeks later in Cape Town.It was during this time that Piet Botha came up with the idea of naming this collaboration “The Lizard Kings” after a poem by Jim Morrison.

During Feb 2010 they performed at the annual “Up the Creek” festival and are on their way to Mocambique in May for the annual STRAB festival.

What happens is that a whole bunch of songs get thrown in the mix and the really good ones become the backbone of the sets.It is also a bilingual happening as both Piet and the Dennis brothers have written in Afrikaans and English. “It’s a wonderful thing that happens because we are all just so crazy for the music and we just want to play ..”, Botha has said on more than one occasion.

And so it came to be that Jan Kannemeyer at Wolfkloof Wine Cellar asked Piet Botha if he would be able to perform at Wolfkloof during the annual Wacky Wine Festival in June.The week before both Jack Hammer and Akkedis will be in action at Ponta Malongane and from there straight to Robertson for two nights of rock and roll, on the 4th and 5th of June.

For bookings call 082 8720403.


‘Mozambique’ by Jack Hammer on new Rebel Records compilation



1. Today – Jesse Clegg

2. Freedom! – New Holland

3. Safe as Houses – aKING

4. Small Room – Karen Zoid

5. I’ll Be There – The Parlotones

6. She Always Gets What She Wants – Prime Circle

7. Great White Bear – Dear Reader

8. Lost In Translation – Beatenberg

9. Heartbeat – Ashtray Electric

10. Orphans – Wrestlerish

11. Devil Do – Pretty Blue Guns

12. Mozambique – Jack Hammer

13. Algehele Kontrole (Acoustic Version) – Van Coke Kartel

14. Die Mense Hier – Dans Dans Lisa

15. Tiny Town – Fokofpolisiekar

South African Rock Gold 3 CD Collection

(album cover)

For the first time ever…a 59 track, 3 CD set of the cream of South African rock, from the early ’70s through to the ’90s….Killer tunes from the likes of Evoid, Tribe after Tribe, Stingray, Hawk, Baxtop, The Sweatband, Squeal, Freedoms Children, Ellamental, Wild Youth, Julian Laxton and many more.

Available from Fresh Music

Disc 1

  1. Freedoms Children – 1999
  2. Suck – Aimless Lady
  3. Otis Waygood – You’re late Miss Kate
  4. Abstract Truth – It’s alright with me
  5. The Bats – The Rock Machine
  6. The Tidal Wave – Spider Spider
  7. Hawk – Here comes the sun
  8. Omega Limited – Tchaikovsky 1
  9. Circus – Long legged lady
  10. Stingray – Better the devil you know
  11. Julian Laxton Band – Celebrate
  12. Rabbitt – Savage
  13. McCully Workshop – Buccaneer
  14. Finch & Henson – Lonely Spacemen
  15. Lesley Rae Dowling – Grips of emotion
  16. Baxtop – Jo Bangles
  17. Radio Rats – ZX Dan
  18. Flash Harry – No football
  19. Sue Kiel – Julia
  20. Wild Youth – Wot about me

Disc 2

  1. Peach – A lot of things
  2. No Friends of Harry – Competition rules
  3. The Sweatband – This boy
  4. Dog Detachment – Touch the sky
  5. Ellamental – Pressure
  6. Tribe After Tribe – Damsel (as I went out one morning)
  7. Psycho Reptiles – Monster from the Bog
  8. The Spectres – Be Bop Pop
  9. Asylum Kids – Fight it with your mind
  10. Evoid – I am a fadget
  11. Falling Mirror – Johnny calls the chemist
  12. Petit Cheval – Once in a lifetime
  13. Cherry Faced Lurchers – Do the lurch
  14. The Helicopters – Mysteries & Jealousies
  15. Robin Auld – All of woman
  16. Bright Blue – Weeping
  17. Celtic Rumours – Slow rain
  18. Hotline – You’re so good to me

Disc 3

  1. Shifty Henry – Gimme little sign
  2. Squeal – Killing the light
  3. Urban Creep – Sea level
  4. The Pressure Cookies – Baby Baby
  5. The Kerels – Golden days
  6. Lithium – Bite it
  7. The Sunshines – Wanna make love
  8. The Electric Petals – Sister Love
  9. Little Sister – Little Sister
  10. Blue Chameleon – Hoss
  11. Fetish – Constant
  12. The Diamond Dogs – Going home
  13. Arapaho – Wild warrior
  14. Fat City – Bad habit
  15. Sugardrive –Disco Lazarus
  16. Sunways – Colour me in
  17. Toxic Shame – Rollercoaster ride
  18. Jack Hammer – Headlines
  19. Jo Day – Princess
  20. Helloangel – I don’t care
  21. Blue Scream – Without your love


Tracks licensed courtesy of EMI Music, Warner Music/Gallo Music, Fuller Music, Angela Music, David Gresham Records, Neil Cloud, Spaced Out Sounds, 3rd Ear Music, Radium Wreckords, Michael Fleck, Amber Music, Alan Armstrong, Ashland Music, Sheer Music, Shifty Music, Robin Auld, Universal Music, Diamond Dogs, Toni Gozza, Legend Music, and John Buckley.

Compiled by Benjy Mudie for Universal Music. Grateful thanks to Johnny Dorfling for the concept, Chris Venter for the sound advice, Gary Crause for the mastering, and Patsy Thompson for all the legalities.

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