Thanks from Piet Botha

Many thanks to Brian Currin for creating this page for us…..Baie baie dankie aan Brian Currin wat ons op die internet hou en sorg dat mense kan weet waar ons gig en so aan en vir die geskiedenis wat wat ek nie meer kan onthou nie en nog meer…. – Piet Botha

Thank you from Moshito

Dear Mr. Currin

Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition 2010, South Africa

The Moshito Board would like to extend its sincere thanks to you for your participation in the 7th edition of
what we believe is the leading music industry event on the African continent.

Your stimulating and informative contribution was appreciated by this year’s delegates and plays a role in
helping develop the South African music industry into a unified and dynamic force, poised for the future.
Your valuable input also helped us address the objectives pinpointed by the South African government’s
Department of Arts and Culture as key to developing and stimulating the music industry – as well as ensured
we were able to successfully present themes that confront the key issues facing the African and global music
industry right now.

Andre le Roux

Recommendation from Mynie Grove

Brian Currin would be a buddy if one could pry him away from his rabid clients – everyone wants his time and talents, and not for nothing: he is as reliable as the sun, pragmatic and no-nonsense. What you see is what you get, what you get is good value, and that value translates to visibility and steadfast business development and growth.

He is a music-business-junkie, a music-business-stalwart and a music-business-supporter. You will have to dig deep and far to get that combination in an optimally functional combination, but here it is. You bring it, he delivers!

Mynie Grove

Recommendation from Toni Gozza

Brian is a gem on the net and builds fantastic and amazing music sites worldwide – Brian is an asset for any business when it comes to online marketing and sales, especially with his vast knowledge of the internet…
My favourite subject is where Brian Currin really excels, he is a pure historian on any music genre..
I recommend brian for any organisation that is dealing and doing business on the net…

Yours Faithfully …………. Toni Gozza

Rodriguez Cold Fact

From Clive Mentzel

I was out last night in the Portobello Road and popped out of the Market Thai (a pub at the top end of the road where we were having an end of year party) to go to Rough Trade to browse through the vinyl… and what I found took me back so far; a copy of Rodriguez’s Cold Fact. How awesome, it stared at me on the rack and I at it and we sort of had this formalin-suspended moment, masses of ancient history flooding back between us, pristinely preserved vistas of past times spent with this record (yes it was a record back then, a bit scratched and crackly)… I’m listening to it this morning and having read the sleeve notes thought I would say thank you for reviving this, getting it back on CD.

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