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Review – Rodriguez @ Hammersmith Apollo, London, June 8 2013 | Young & Serious

It’s not often that an artist plays a sold-out, 5,000 capacity venue at the age of 70. It’s even less common that an artist does this feat having only released two studio albums that, initially, sold poorly. But, that is

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ZekeFilm | After the Show: Searching for Sugar Man

“I just want to be treated like an ordinary….legend” With these words, offered in in humility and a little jest, Rodriguez took the stage for the encore of his May 4, 2013 show at the University of Texas’ Frank Irwin

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‘Searching for Sugar Man’ star Sixto Rodriguez to receive Wayne State degree; Masonic Temple show sells out |

DETROIT, MI – Add another honor to 70-year-old Detroit resident Sixto Rodriguez’s impressive stash. The star of an Academy Award-winning documentary called “Searching for Sugar Man” will reportedly receive an honorary degree from Wayne State University this spring. The Detroit

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Searching For Sugar Man (2012) | Unambitious Us

Documentaries are difficult to get right. They can be overbearing, they can be boring and they can often feel as though you are being force fed the personal feelings of the writers and directors. Having recently won the Academy Award

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Searching For Sugar Man (Documentary, 2012) Review | STATIC MASS EMPORIUM

In the modern world, celebrity culture has saturated almost every single aspect of our lives. It comes in the forms of the desperation for fame to be found on reality television, glossy gossip magazines and bookstores with entire sections devoted

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A Night To Remember, 7th March 1998

From Sweet Songs To Street Songs From the simplistic, yet instantly recognisable bass guitar intro of I Wonder, to the last fading echoes of Forget It, this was a show that enthralled everyone from the die-hard old fans with their balding

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ZAPIRO – Rodriguez and his effect on South Africans in the 1970’s and 1980’s

Sugar Man, Afrikaners’ musical healer and voice. Afrikaans youth who felt they were not part of the apartheid system responded to the anti-establishment consciousness Rodriguez expressed, which laid the ground for anti-apartheid rock of the 1980s. via ZAPIRO – Rodriguez

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SABC Media Libraries: Searching for Sugar Man, also in the SABC Archives

“Sugar Man”, the story of a forgotten singer, won the best documentary at the Oscars this week. Sixto Rodriguez made two records in the early 1970s, but it never took off in America. Unbeknown to him, it became very popular

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The 2013 Oscars: Searching for Sugar Men | Miss Ntertainment

The documentary isn’t only about one man’s humility and passion to do that which he loved and provide a decent living for his family. It’s also a story about dedication and commitment; Sugar worked tirelessly on the Rodriguez website and

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Seen On Mabu Vinyl’s Window

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