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One Morning in Gurgaon
One Morning in Gurgaon

Straight after returning home from my nationwide South African tour with Mohd. Amjad Khan and Mudassir Khan, the long awaited vinyl release of our album “One Morning in Gurgaon” arrived at my door.

After many a moon, I am super happy to announce this vinyl edition. This super limited run LP was selected as part of a specially curated series with Japanese company (Qrates) and they look and sound next level. This pressing has been specifically remastered for vinyl and includes two exclusive and unreleased bonus tracks for download which are not available anywhere else.

There are extremely limited stocks available I’m afraid so dive at it before they all run away to their new homes. Hit up the link to nab one right about here.

Much love guys!

One Morning in Gurgaon
One Morning in Gurgaon


A spontaneous dream. A compendium of enrapturing sonic stories.” PopMatters

Dexterous, defiant and delicate all at once.”Texx and The City

magically spirits you away to this land of enduring mystery and majesty.”The Herald

these masterly improvisations weave from strands of several musical traditions a rich tapestry that is downright mesmerizing.” – Minor7th

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