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Ex-Falling Mirror Drummer Pat Humphreys passes away

Patrick Humphreys | Image: Facebook

It is with great sadness that we share the sad news that Pat Humphreys has passed away.

Pat was the drummer for the legendary Cape Town band, Falling Mirror, alongside Allan Faull and Nielen Mirror, after beginning his association with them as a member of the pre-Falling Mirror band Wakeford Hart in 1970.

Pat then left that band for a few years, until, after a few different line-ups and band names, Allan and Nielen finally settled on the name Falling Mirror in 1978. Pat then re-joined the classic Falling Mirror line up in 1978 alongside Allan (guitar), Nielen (vocals), Pat (drums) and Tully McCully (bass) for their run of classic SA rock albums including ‘Zen Boulders’, ‘The Storming Of The Loft’ and ‘Fantasy Kid’.

On behalf of the South African Rock fraternity we pass on our condolences to the Humphreys family and all Pat’s friends and fellow musicians.

Falling Mirror, 2013: Harvey Cohen, Sharon Clifton, Nielen Marais, Patrick Humphreys, Allan Faull

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