Shiloh Noone’s Latest Novel ‘A Bicycle, a Chess Set, an African River’ Is Now Available Online

Shiloh Noone’s Latest Novel ‘A Bicycle, a Chess Set, an African River’

What makes Pat Simmons, a retired engineer, give up his comfortable middle class living and wade across a crocodile infested river with a bicycle strapped to his back, in order to teach chess to schoolchildren at the Mission station?

To find out you will have to read the latest novel by Shiloh Noone called A Bicycle, a Chess Set, an African River‘. This brand new release follows previous books by Shiloh Noone including his earlier novel, ‘Witches of Sark’, a book of poetry called ‘Forty -Two for the Chosen Few’, and ‘Seeker’s Guide to the Rhythm of Yesteryear’.

For many years, this well-known Cape Town DJ and author, was a regular contributor to the weekly SA Rock Digest email newsletter. Each week, in the ‘Classic Rock’ section of ‘The Digest’, Shiloh would expound, and educate us, on many of the lesser known members of the South African and international pop-rock family.

As a DJ on stations like Love Radio Amsterdam, Radio Kol HaShalom (The Voice of Peace) in Israel, Q Radio in Gory Castle on the island of Jersey, Radio Matie (MFM) in Stellenbosch, 567 Cape Talk, and a long stint at FMR Radio in Cape Town, Shiloh’s musical knowledge increased until he decided to compile a 750-page book on the history of rock entitled ‘Seeker’s Guide to the Rhythm of Yesteryear’.

That 600-page reference work covered many musicians and genres like Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Surf guitar, Folk Music, Psychedelia, British Beat, and Progressive rock from the period between the years 1950 and 1979. This book has sold well around the world and received many excellent reviews, including a 3-star review by Record Collector magazine and a 4-star review by Rolling Stone magazine.

A Bicycle, a Chess Set, an African River’ is published by Naledi Books in Cape Town, and is a fascinating African adventure that also encapsulates spiritual revelations about Africa, its indigenous people and tribal customs, as well as a fascinating description of the bountiful animal, bird, insect and plant life that still flourishes in that area. This new novel is also as much about recognising the intricate patterns of life as it is about life-skills and the resilience of the human spirit.

Shiloh wrote this book in his new home in Onrus, near Cape Town, alongside his Matshana Tribal Arts Museum and Lodge where he teaches chess to the young children in that area.

A Bicycle, a Chess Set, an African River’ (R220.00) (Naledi Books) (ISBN: 978-1-928518-78-5) is available from Exclusive Books at the Waterfront in Cape Town, and is also available online from

Naledi is a publisher and distributor of publications and relevant media products to the South African market.

A Bicycle, a Chess Set, an African River


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