Rodriguez: A Ghetto Dylan | Big Fat Magazine, May 1970

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Big Fat Magazine, May 1970

3 thoughts on “Rodriguez: A Ghetto Dylan | Big Fat Magazine, May 1970

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  1. I don’t think he was a “ghetto Dylan”, he is in the same genre of music and created many excellent songs. Some of his songs are a little deeper then Dylans, with a lot more instrumentals to enhance the lyrics. He just has a different style of music then Dylan. This is just my opinion. I enjoy both musicians very much. It’s rough to say who is better. That is just preference.


  2. I’ve seen them both in concert (Rodriguez TWICE) and I say Dylan can’t hold a candle to Sixto.
    Dylan was cold, seemingly completely uninterested in his audience.
    He came out, performed, and left the stage without saying as much as a single word to his fans!!!

    Rodriguez is warm, friendly, talks to the audience, makes jokes
    and is a great pleasure to watch and hear!
    I always get my moneys worth with Sixto!!

    I’ll never bother to go see Dylan again!

    Ps …Dylan’s old original music was much better than the stuff he had for us.
    (Our opinion, just saying)

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