Are you pining for the good old days when quizzes weren’t about how clever you are, but more about FUN!?
Are you kinda sad because you never got to attend one of the awesome LMG Quiz Nights, and you so badly want to tick it off your bucket list?
Wanna play against legendary teams such The Modest Mice, The Mad Hatters, The Burger Kings, The Roswells, Billy Idiot and those crazy Quiz On My Face guys?

Or are you just that bored that you’re actually reading this drivel?

Well then Congratulations, you officially fall into what us marketing types refer to as our “target audience”.

And yes, we just happen to be putting on another TWO nights of the famous LMG QUIZ NIGHT on
– Tues 30 Dec 2014
– Tues 6 Jan 2015

VENUE: Mercury @ 7:15pm (doors open 6:30pm)

– R30 per person
– Maximum 6 people per team

– A variety of different games – this is no ordinary quiz!
– Prizes galore
– Drink specials on the night

1) Send an email to mike@yourlmg.com
2) Supply your name, contact number
3) Indicate which night you re booking for (you’re welcome to book for both nights)
4) Supply team name (if you don’t have that yet, no problem, you can tell us on the night)

An email will be sent to you prior to the quiz night, to confirm your booking and numbers in your team.

But don’t delay, there is LIMITED SPACE and this event will book up fast – as it always has.

Don’t know about you, but we are absolutely bloody AMPED!!!



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