Things We learned From Twitter This Morning….

1) A nationwide TV channel in Australia, called SBS, screened ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ on Sunday night and a lot of people watched it…..

2) The programmers at SBS decided to screen a commercial for Rodriguez’s upcoming tour of Australia during the first half of the film!

How’s that for a spoiler?


6 thoughts on “Things We learned From Twitter This Morning….

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  1. Even though I knew all of Rodriguez’s songs by heart from early eighties, I hadn’t listened to them or heard about him for all those years … so the Sugarman doc was a total rollercoaster of emotions from very beginning (when they announced his horrific/sad suicide) to the mystery and growing hope of his existence. I felt like I was right there with the guys on their fairytale-like discovery. When the shadowy figure appeared at the window and RODRIGUEZ, like a phantom/phoenix opened up the window and so coolly/warmly looked out!!! … that was my most memorable moment. I know it sounds crazy, but my heart felt so big with joy, relief, peace to see him alive and not wasted. As I recall the commercial advertising his Australian tour was after this, and the complete and utter opposite to being a ‘spoiler’ .. it was one massive “YES!!!!Woohooo!!!!!” moment. The only (massive) disappointment was when, after counting down the days to log on to buy a Brisbane concert ticket (first thing in the morning of the given day) to see it was already SOLD OUT (allocation exhausted?)! Now I see there are tickets being advertised on ‘Viagogo’ AU$100 tickets being offered/scalped for US$1000!!! which sucks because it means that some person/people with big bucks that are NOT genuine fans are monopolizing tickets and trying to take advantage of true fans who whether they can afford to or not don’t want to play into these crims hands. I think this should be illegal and hope the gov changes something so this kind of thing can’t happen. Alas will have to be there in spirit only, which will be pretty easy as I am newly obsessed/enchanted/inspired by my daily fix of Rodriguez’s music:) Love xo J


  2. Heh – no surprise to us in Australia, although he was still pretty much a mystery as such… I was thrilled to see the advert for the concert, and I’m determined not to miss out. I’m going to take my 10 year old son. Hope he can handle seeing his old man cry.


  3. If I didn’t see the Documentary, I prob wouldn’t have know the story – and prob wouldn’t be interested in buying tickets – It was very strategic marketing, really…. Not many in Australia know the Sugarman story.


  4. Watched this screening on SBS last night, l always switch off during commercials (checkout facebook etc;) so was completely oblivious to the commercial of Rodriguez’s tour until reading this. Instead, after watching this brilliant documentary l searched everything l could find about this wonderful man and then found info. about his tour. I am now in the process of trying to work out if l can get to one of his concerts, fingers crossed.


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