Rodriguez to Tour Australia and New Zealand, tickets go on sale Thursday the 28th of August.

Rodriguez Australia 2014
Rodriguez Australia and New Zealand 2014


8 thoughts on “Rodriguez to Tour Australia and New Zealand, tickets go on sale Thursday the 28th of August.

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  1. Hello Rodriguez Management,

    Unfortunately all the tickets for the opera house concerts were taken by scalpers that are now trying to on sell them @ $400.00 per ticket (Viagogo & Ticketbiz) is there going to be a third concert in Sydney as I need six tickets for six dedicated fans !!

    I look forward to your reply.

    Steve Brown


  2. I am in California – just recently saw the Doc- It was so sad but astounding…
    I was So Glad to see Him Alive and healthy enough to get a 2nd chance with his music.
    Just so sad that prejudice kept him in the dark…cause no one would promote him –
    His voice is much more beautiful than Croce or Dylan. I was upset that more direct questions weren’t asked to the either the S.African rec co. or the Detroit label…someone must’ve contacted Detroit label back then….But to see the man just carry on and be so cool with his life…He is truly an inspiration. Amazing fortune all that hard work in Detroit – walking in snow left him so healthy. I’m so glad he’s still going. Disappointed the Doc didn’t let us know who had rights to his songs and where Us in U.S. could buy them. Now I see the sad news about the man who did the documentary…Jesus…Life can be so hard – sad…to the loss of All of Us. Now I really want to go to Australia.


    1. I’m in Australia and it is very hard to get tickets……I knew about him from working in a record shop in the 1970’s. If you want to come to Adelaide, South Australia as there are tickets still available and I have plenty of room for a guest.

      I have adored him since the the heady days of the 70’s and own nearly everthing he has put on vinyl or CD missing this one though .

      Also have the documentary ‘Searching for Sugarman’


  3. Reblogged this on vjrodrigma and commented:
    A great Soul. Impressive. i love his Music. i love his words. he is a real poet. don`t miss ´to check out his story and his Music. i wish him the Impact he deserves. and he deserves a lot of Impact an recognition. a lot.


  4. Good day!

    Will Rodriguez be visiting south africa again soon?
    Missed him on his last tour and would love to see this great modest man.

    Thank you
    Pieter van dyk
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