Rodriguez to play Montreux Jazz Festival in July | Reuters

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American comeback musician Sixto Rodriguez, enjoying a second career at age 70, will inaugurate the “Lab” on July 4, a new venue with a capacity of 2,000.

“Searching for Sugar Man”, a film by Malik Bendjelloul which won the Oscar for Best Documentary this year, chronicles an amazing bid to find the mysterious Detroit-based Rodriguez who shot to fame in South Africa but remained unknown in America.

Rodriguez made only two albums in the early 1970s, “Cold Fact” and “Coming from Reality”. His poetic lyrics about the drug scene and poverty are tinged with “anti-establishment blues” and led to a cult following in apartheid-era South Africa – which he learned of only decades later.

The festival along Lake Geneva, whose two traditional venues are the larger Stravinski Auditorium and more intimate Miles Davis Hall, draws some 250,000 music fans each year.

via Montreux jazz festival draws Prince, Sting, Marcus Miller | Reuters.

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  1. My husband and I had the honor of hearing him in concert In phoenix arizona, what a rich soulful person!


  2. Please make sure a DVD is made of Rodrigues performance at Montreux Jazz Festival for all the people who wont be able to attend the show there , at least we will be able to enjoy his performance on DVD , THANKS Leon Calitz


  3. I’m looking for two or four tickets for Rodriguez concert on 4th July in Montreux. My telephone number is 079 6210515 (Switzerland).


  4. Some family members can’t make it so I have 2 tickets to sell at the last minute:
    +41 (0)79-347 72 10
    (In case it’s not clear – the concert is on 4 July 2013, so don’t phone after that!)


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