Rodriguez – Sugar Man (RocknRolla Soundsystem Edit)

Sixto Rodríguez is an American folk musician from Detroit. His career initially proved short-lived with two little-sold albums in the early 1970s. Unbeknownst to him, however, his work became extremely successful and influential in South Africa, although there he was mistakenly rumoured to have committed suicide. The full story is reflected in the 2012 Oscar winning documentary: Searching for Sugar Man.

This retreat is done with respect to the original by RocknRolla Soundsystem and Joris Vos


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  1. A Man in DETROIT, with words in his heart,
    decided to sing, and his SOUL knew the part….
    AMERICA, fooled by the Glamour and LUST,
    Did not realize his SONG’s were a MUST…
    Commercial and Money, in False Talent, they SOUGHT…
    But sorry America….RODRIGUEZ, Could NEVER Be BOUGHT….
    His WISDOM IN LIFE, was Pure and Complete…
    He didn’t need FAME or a progress hit sheet…
    GOD’S Grace had been given, and that was his Aim…
    For what is the real GOAL, if we only chase FAME…
    The Truth was his music was loved and respected, and would never DIE..
    When Rodriguez sang..’COLD FACT… South Africa realized they lived with a LIE…
    NOW!!!! The time was right, and SOUTH AFRICA, began to WAKE UP..
    The new WINE of FREEDOM, was poured into a black and white CUP……..



  2. Hi ! :))
    I’ ve just listened the Sugarman Rockn’rolla Soundsystem.
    Sure It has been made with heart and love to Rodriguez.
    AND IT’ S SOOO GREAT! :)))
    But , sorry… I’m going to tell you what I feel: for me It’ s a too easy soundsystem…
    The “Sugarman” song is a Strong one, very well made: It needs to work more on it than this sweet soundsystem does: It’ s a great idea but need more turning and psychedelic and hypnotics effects like we can still ear in the original recording. And like it can be heard in this sound for example: Chris Thomas King “revelation” .
    You can see it at this YOUTUBE link :
    To Sugarman Soundsystem : personnally: Need more ! :))
    But It’s very kind and great! : )))
    Send you my best thoughts
    Love you


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