Sugar on his way to the Oscars

This room is where the Searching for Sugar Man story all started, and the story just continues to have more and more happy endings …

All dressed up and ready to go ... to the Oscars
All dressed up and ready to go … to the Oscars

9 thoughts on “Sugar on his way to the Oscars

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  1. Well I am so amazed at how you found Rodriguez and brought him to SA, wow dreams do come true and now Rodriguez has lived his dream. Thank you so much for not giving up and believing that you can do it. You are a wonderful, great man for giving Rodriguez his dream and to his 3 beautiful daughters.


  2. The Tux suits you. You deserve the best. A good man. Thank you for who you
    are, not giving up, and for bringing Rodriguez to all of us.


    1. As a man I rarely cry. I watched this movie on a plane and it likewise brought me to tears. A truly remarkable journey for the man himself, his family, Sugar and his team and the movie makers…why everyone who has had the good fortune of being associated with this story. Remarkable.


  3. You’ve come a long way since Boston, Steve … Mazeltov! The film really deserved to win! AND Thank You for bringing Rodriguez back to us!!! I hope you’re smiling NOW!!!!


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