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Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn accept the Best Documentary Feature award for Searching for Sugar Man. Getty Images
Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn accept the Best Documentary Feature award for Searching for Sugar Man. Getty Images

Searching for Sugar Man, about a singer whose musical star faded without a trace until he was rediscovered in South Africa, won the best documentary feature Oscar on Sunday.

The film tells the story of Sixto Rodriguez, who made two albums in the early 1970s but then quit music – and who knows nothing about his fame on another continent.

The documentary was made by first-time director Malik Bendjelloul, who first discovered Rodriguez while travelling for six months in Africa in 2006, and was fascinated by his story.

The award was accepted by Bendjelloul and producer Simon Chinn, who explained why Rodriguez did not attend the Oscars show at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

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  1. Awesome & Congratulations to all of you. Your South African fans are proud of you especially Rodriguez for Durban fans. You have finally given Rodriguez the recognition that he deserves. Regards Marcelle day Silva, Durban, South Africa


  2. So well deserved. This wonderful documentary is warming many hearts around the world and I, for one, wish Malik, producer Chinn and the profoundly talented Rodriguez all the health and happiness life can bring. Humility = the articulation of the wisest soul.


  3. Conrats and thank you for your passion. A story well told…..and now well received. We do need more of Rodriguez around here, what else have we almost lost? John, Detroit
    P.S. ZA, thanks for keeping him in your hearts so long, until we could feel his songs too!!


  4. Congratulations to Malik Bendjelloul and Sixto Rodriguez, (and all who were involved in the movie) for a most deserved win. Mr Rodriguez’s music is such relevant commentary on society today, and I cannot WAIT for a new album. It is guaranteed to go double platinum when it appears. Congratulations again. Love and respect from South Africa.


  5. Congratulations to the team & especially to the man himself – Sixto Rodriguez! We want you to perform here in Perth, Western Australia – you have many, many supporters here!


  6. I’m a huge huge Rodrigues fan grew up in the 70’s and his music struck a deep cord, still have my album and he is still one of my favourite artists from that time…. This is just AWESOME!!!!! Congrats…… Stayed up all nite to wait for results….Very proud South African today… Remeber watching the early stages of this documentary many years ago on Carte Blanche and who would of thought it would end like this!!!! Thank you for searching and bringing “Sugarman” back to us……


  7. Wow! Congrats i dont kno a thing about this artist but came across the clip on france 24 & i think it is a very amazing story and cant wait to watch the movie. Were can i get this music and cant wait to watch Top Billing on tuesday. Tafi from zimbabwe


  8. Such a well deserved award and recognition for a truly humble but inspiring artist. I am so so sorry he can’t do a show in Perth as we have a massive South African/ Rodriguez fan base. That said the sell out concerts in most regions are a testament to his popularity some 40 + years on.


  9. I could not be HAPPIER for anybody. Rodriguez is not after the fame BUT deserves to know and be recognized for his Amazinng work.

    With Love and Respect from a huge South African fan


  10. All I can say is BLOODY BRILLIANT news !!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  11. I jumped for joy when Searching for Sugarman won. This is one movie that I attended 3 times so that I could revisit the story,the man, and the music, It would have been icing
    on the cake if he stood up to accept the reward as well but it so perfectly reflected Sixto that
    his not appearing moved me to tears. Sixto is on my short list of heroes.
    I am excited to be seeing him in New York in April at TOWN HALL. Judi Brown


  12. My husband got me into the film, and I cried, for the injustice. Such a talented musician and yet not being recognized. Thank God. Now through the Oscar, he’ll reach more people’s hearts.


  13. Absolutely wonderful news! So glad as millions more people will now get to know about our hero Sixto! Thought it had to happen, so many other award wins that would have been odd if the Academy Awards hadn’t recognised Searching for Sugarman. Congrats to Bendjelloul, Chinn and all involved in making the film. Thanks too to Stephen “Sugar” Segerman, as if not for him and his colleagues, Sixto Rodriguez would never have had any exposure/fame whatsoever. Would have been great to have seen him perform at Oscars, but can’t be greedy saw him in Bristol UK in December – wonderful evening! Love you Sixto!


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