The Great Karoo All In One Guitar Camp

The inaugural Great Karoo All In One Guitar Camp has been conceived to present local and international individuals, music institutions and university students with the opportunity of attending a series of workshops conducted by three of South Africa’s musical legends in the village of Nieu-Bethesda in the Great Karoo.All In One is comprised of Steve Newman, Errol Dyers and Hilton Schilder who first shared the stage in an improvised session at the Ubuntu Festival held to celebrate the 91st birthday of Nelson Mandela in 2009.

These three cosmic travellers have since recorded an album of the same title and have been taking audiences across the country on a musical journey which stretches from the slopes of Table Mountain, to the heart of the Kalahari, via the plains of Argentina; reflecting the quiet refrain of days gone by and touched by strains of joy and reflection.

The camp begins with a performance by All In One on Friday evening which will be followed by a meet and greet dinner of a variety of delicious potjies.
The workshops take place on Saturday and Sunday and on Saturday night the participants will have the opportunity to jam with the pros.

For those who are interested, Steve will conduct morning yoga sessions.

Various packages are available to suit every budget so please contact us on 049 841 1642 or accommodation@nieu-bethesda or


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