Rodriguez songs covered by Steve Rowland and The Family Dogg

In 1972, an album by The Family Dogg, titled The View From Rowland’s Head was released. The producer was Steve Rowland, who produced Rodriguez’s Coming From Reality album. The Rowland’s Head album also featured Chris Spedding, the session guitarist responsible for the stunning solo on Climb Up On My Music. This album features no less than 6 Rodriguez compositions!

The View From Rowland's Head
The View From Rowland’s Head

The Family Dogg – Forget It

The Family Dogg – I Wonder

The Family Dogg – Like Janis

The Family Dogg – Crucify Your Mind

The Family Dogg – Inner City Blues

The Family Dogg – Advice To Smokey Robinson

All the original songs by Rodriguez except Advice To Smokey Robinson are available on Cold Fact.

Advice To Smokey Robinson was written by Rodriguez in the late 60’s but there is no official recording of this song by Rodriguez.

Thanks to Roanan Hawes

Rodriguez Weighs Potential Third Album | Music News | Rolling Stone


Rodriguez, the obscure Detroit songman who unknowingly earned a huge cult audience overseas, will meet with producers to discuss making a third album, his first in more than 40 years. Though adamant about having no specific plan, Rodriguez tells Rolling Stone that once he breaks from touring in June he will explore the prospect with Steve Rowland, who produced one of the lost albums resurrected in the Oscar-nominated documentary Searching for Sugar Man.

“He told me to send him a couple of tapes, so I’m gonna do that,” Rodriguez said in a phone interview from his Michigan home on Friday. “I certainly want to look him up, because now he’s full of ideas.”

via Rodriguez Weighs Potential Third Album | Music News | Rolling Stone.

Rodriguez to bridge 42-year album gap? | News |


Forget the five years it took for The Stone Roses to produce Second Coming, or the 22 years it will have taken My Bloody Valentine to follow-up Loveless.

Rodriguez, the focus of Oscar-nominated documentary Searching For Sugar Man, could be about to record his first album since 1971’s Coming From Reality.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Rodriguez says he may explore the idea of recording a follow-up with his last album’s producer, Steve Rowland.

Read more at Rodriguez to bridge 42-year album gap? | News |

The Great Karoo All In One Guitar Camp

The inaugural Great Karoo All In One Guitar Camp has been conceived to present local and international individuals, music institutions and university students with the opportunity of attending a series of workshops conducted by three of South Africa’s musical legends in the village of Nieu-Bethesda in the Great Karoo.All In One is comprised of Steve Newman, Errol Dyers and Hilton Schilder who first shared the stage in an improvised session at the Ubuntu Festival held to celebrate the 91st birthday of Nelson Mandela in 2009.

These three cosmic travellers have since recorded an album of the same title and have been taking audiences across the country on a musical journey which stretches from the slopes of Table Mountain, to the heart of the Kalahari, via the plains of Argentina; reflecting the quiet refrain of days gone by and touched by strains of joy and reflection.

The camp begins with a performance by All In One on Friday evening which will be followed by a meet and greet dinner of a variety of delicious potjies.
The workshops take place on Saturday and Sunday and on Saturday night the participants will have the opportunity to jam with the pros.

For those who are interested, Steve will conduct morning yoga sessions.

Various packages are available to suit every budget so please contact us on 049 841 1642 or accommodation@nieu-bethesda or

Fetish return to SA in 2013



Following the release of their eagerly anticipated album Little Heart late last year, ‘post-rock’ outfit Fetish return to South Africa for a series of concerts in the second half of February to play the album live for their fans and to introduce the band to a new generation of SA music lovers.

The tour kicks off on the 15th of Feb in the band’s hometown of Cape Town at Mercury Live before travelling on to Stellenbosch and playing Aandklas on the 16th of February. The five-piece then travels upcountry to play four gigs in a row, starting in Bloemfontein at Die Mystic Boer on the 20th, then a very special once-off at Joburg’s Roosevelt Park Bowling Club on the 21st, followed by Pretoria’s Arcade Empire on the 22nd and ending up at Durban’s majestic Live! The Venue on the 23rd, before flying home to London and a well-earned rest.

Fetish regrouped in the Autumn of 2012 to record their first new material in over a decade. Now that the album is widely available on the Just Music label, the band is hitting the road for a series of affordable, hard-hitting,lo-fi gigs that will showcase the “rock-ier” side of the band to the public.

Fetish will be hooking up with local artists such as Matthew Mole, Tailor, Bat Country and Nakhana Toure as support acts on the road. Tickets are available through Webtickets, while CD’s and posters will be available for sale at all the venues.

Watch the press for details and join the Facebook ( page to keep up to date with all the latest news and dates of the tour.

“Searching for Sugar Man” wins PGA award » Realscreen

“Searching for Sugar Man” wins PGA award » Realscreen
“Searching for Sugar Man” wins PGA award » Realscreen

The documentary Searching for Sugar Man won its latest prize yesterday (January 26), taking home the best documentary award at the 24th annual Producers Guild Awards.

Malik Bendjelloul’s film, produced by Man on Wire‘s Simon Chinn, has taken the award for outstanding producer of documentary theatrical motion pictures, the latest trophy for the doc, which recently won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for best documentary.

Searching for Sugar Man has also won the Best Documentary prizes from the Vancouver Film Critics Circle and the National Board of Review, as well as the award for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design or Animation from the Cinema Eye Honors, and two prizes from Dutch fest IDFA.

via “Searching for Sugar Man” wins PGA award » Realscreen.

The Resurrection of Sixto Rodriguez ::

Picture credit: Sixto Rodriguez courtesy the_junes/Flickr
Picture credit: Sixto Rodriguez courtesy the_junes/Flickr

Searching for Sugarman, Malik Bendjelloul’s film about the reception of Sixto Rodriguez in South Africa, continues to accumulate awards, critical acclaim and commercial success as its momentum gathers in the lead up to the Academy Awards at the end of next month. It is carrying Rodriguez, seventy years old and partially blind, onto the stages of the Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall, festivals like Glastonbury, Coachella and Primavera and into the pages of the world’s great newspapers. Next month he’ll be playing Cape Town and Johannesburg again.

The film is exquisite and the story that it weaves between Cape Town and Detroit is remarkable and moving. There’s always something slightly magical about how an intense engagement with a particular situation can find an entirely unexpected resonance across space and time. And the enthusiasm of the South African fans who, to their astonishment, found Rodriguez alive and living the life of a poor man in the ruins of downtown Detroit and were then able to bring him to a rapturous welcome in Cape Town is infectious.

The story at the heart of the film, the redemptive return of a hero, is an ancient one. But this particular telling of that story draws its power from the kind of man that the hero proves to be. In his first single, I’ll Slip Away, released in 1967 under a version of his name mangled by a record company that thought it commercially expedient to disguise his Mexican origins, he declared that “You can keep your symbols of success” and “I’m not choosing to be like them.” And from the beginning Rodriguez tried to make his way and to define success on his own terms. At an event to market himself to the record industry suits in Los Angeles in 1970 he gave the stage to the Brown Berets, militant Chicano activists. These kinds of choices may keep one’s soul intact but they don’t do much for one’s career.

via The Resurrection of Sixto Rodriguez ::

Rich Folks Hoax

In 1987 when I was busking my way around Spain, this song received the best response, and the most money into my open guitar case. – Craig Bartholomew Strydom



Rich Folks Hoax is available on the Cold Fact album.



The moon is hanging in the purple sky
The baby’s sleeping while its mother sighs

Talking ’bout the rich folks
Rich folks have the same jokes
And they park in basic places.

The priest is preaching from a shallow grave
He counts his money, then he paints you saved

Talking to the young folks
Young folks share the same jokes
But they meet in older places.

So don’t tell me about your success
Nor your recipes for my happiness
Smoke in bed
I never could digest
Those illusions you claim to have going.

The sun is shining, as it’s always done
Coffin dust is the fate of everyone

Talking ’bout the rich folks
The poor create the rich hoax
And only late breast-fed fools believe it.

So don’t tell me about your success
Nor your recipes for my happiness
Smoke in bed
I never could digest
Those illusions you claim to have going.


Selected Videos (Rodriguez live and cover versions)


Chords (transcribed by Guy Buttery)

Am                          Dm     E 
The moon is hanging in a purple sky
Am                            Dm     E 
Baby's sleeping while his mother sighs
Dm  E                 Am
Talking about the rich folks
The rich folks have the same jokes
             E             Am
But they park in basic places

The priest is preaching from a shallow grave
Counts his money, then he paints you saved
Talking 'bout the young folks
Young folks share the same jokes
But they meet in older places

    Dm    E            Am
So don't tell me about your success
Dm         E              Am
Nor your recipes for my happiness
Dm        E             Am
Smoke in bed, I never could digest
        Dm       E                 Am
Those illusions you claim to have going

The sun is shining as it always done
Coffin dust is the fate of everyone
Talking about the rich folks
The poor create the rich hoax
And only late breast fed fools believe it


France Is Sweet on ‘Sugar Man’ –


A love story is developing between the French and Rodriguez, the Detroit-born musician who flopped in the 1970s, was a star without knowing it in apartheid South Africa and was rediscovered last summer in the United States when the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” was released.

The film tells the extraordinary story of a talented and philosophical musician who spent his life working in construction while struggling to bring up his three daughters, and the mind-boggling mutual discoveries in 1997: for him, that he was more famous than the Rolling Stones in South Africa, and for South African fans (who believed him to be dead), that he was alive.

The Swedish-British film by Malik Bendjelloul which has made more than $3 million at the box office in the United States, has been nominated for an Academy Award in the documentary category. In France the now-70-year-old Rodriguez has created something of a frenzy: The soundtrack album is among Sony France’s top sales on iTunes. Sony had planned on putting fewer than 3,000 CDs in stores, but after calls from vendors who sensed something was up, made 15,000 copies available.

via France Is Sweet on ‘Sugar Man’ –

Malik Bendjelloul talks about his Oscar-nominated movie ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ | Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog – Yahoo! Movies

'Searching for Sugar Man' (Photo: Everett Collection)
‘Searching for Sugar Man’ (Photo: Everett Collection)

The Oscar-nominated documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” tells the strange story of singer-songwriter Rodriguez. Back in the early 1970s, the record company had high hopes for him. With eminently hummable tunes and lyrics that eloquently spoke to life on the mean streets of Detroit, Rodriguez seemed poised to be the next Bob Dylan. But his two albums, “Cold Facts” and “Coming from Reality,” never really caught on in the United States. That would seem to be the end of the story, except, for reasons that still aren’t entirely clear, Rodriguez’s album did, unbeknownst to him, phenomenally well in South Africa. His songs proved to be the anthems of a generation of young South Africans who were increasingly frustrated by their government’s apartheid policies. While his albums were selling as well as “Abbey Road” in Cape Town, Rodriguez seemingly disappeared into obscurity.

“Searching for Sugar Man” also follows some hardcore South African fans, such as Steve “Sugar” Segerman, who grew fascinated by the mysterious origins of his favorite albums. Over many years, he eventually managed to track down the musician, who was living like a Zen monk in a rundown section of the Motor City.

I talked with the movie’s director, Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul, a couple of weeks ago, just before the Oscar nominations were announced. He talked about discovering the strange story of Rodriguez and his own difficulties with getting the movie made, which included having to shoot part of the film on his iPhone. “Searching for Sugar Man” comes out this week on DVD.

via Malik Bendjelloul talks about his Oscar-nominated movie ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ | Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog – Yahoo! Movies.

Tour news: Sugar Man on his way – Entertainment – NZ Herald News

Sixto Rodriguez, the Mexican-American singer-songwriter who is enjoying a renaissance more than 40 years after releasing his two and only albums, will play New Zealand for the first time in March.

He plays the Wellington Opera House on March 16 and Auckland’s Logan Campbell Centre on March 17.

Better known as Rodriguez, the Detroit native recorded his tough folk rock debut Cold Fact in 1970 – which included his best-known song, Sugar Man – and follow-up Coming From Reality in 1971, but they never took off in his homeland. Following this lack of interest in his music he went back to renovation and restoration work to support his family, and even ran for the mayor of Detroit at one stage, while still continuing to perform on the side.

via Tour news: Sugar Man on his way – Entertainment – NZ Herald News.

‘Sugar Man’ Star Rodriguez Headed to Coachella, Glastonbury | Billboard

Q&A With Singer and the Director of Oscar-Nominated ‘Searching for Sugar Man’


Rodriguez, the singer whose story is at the heart of Malik Bendjelloul’s Oscar-nominated “Searching for Sugar Man,” has festival dates lined up at Coachella, Glastonbury and Primavera in Spain that will follow tours of South Africa and Australia.

The new dates are part of astonishing rediscovery of Rodriguez, now 70, who made two albums for Clarence Avant’s Sussex label in the early 1970s that were flops everywhere except in South Africa where his legend grew along with his record sales. Bendjelloul’s film, which Sony is releasing on DVD Jan. 22, chronicles the myths and realities of Rodriguez’s story and his 1998 concerts in South Africa.

via ‘Sugar Man’ Star Rodriguez Headed to Coachella, Glastonbury | Billboard.

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