Rodriguez – Sugar Man – Later… with Jools Holland – BBC Two – YouTube

Rodriguez performs Sugar Man on Later… with Jools Holland, BBC Two (13 Nov 2012)



A Day In The Life: Rodriguez :: Blogs :: 1000 Words :: Paste

Rodriguez, photo: Doug Seymour
Rodriguez, photo: Doug Seymour

When Sixto Rodriguez recorded his debut album Cold Fact in 1969, he dreamed of pop stardom. But, far from the epicentre of the late ’60s folkie scene, the Detroit-based son of Mexican immigrants found that his defining statement was criminally overlooked.

Rodriguez went back to reality, working as a gas station attendant, studying philosophy, campaigning for local government and sticking to his principals. But over time, Cold Fact was rediscovered in the strangest places. Through circumstance and chance, Rodriguez learned he had become a cult figure in South Africa, where Cold Fact had become a beacon of counter-cultural pop for legions of fans who presumed its creator dead. By ’98 he was playing a series of sold-out arena shows in South Africa and Australia.

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Mango Groove at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Sunday 2 December 2012.

Mango Groove at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Sunday 2 December 2012.
Mango Groove at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Sunday 2 December 2012.

Mango Groove at Old Mutual Summer Sunset Concerts at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens – Sunday 2 December 2012.

Shake it up Cape Town, Mango Groove will be back in the mother city for their first and only 2012 show in Cape Town at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Sunday 2 December 2012. If their past two sold out concerts in these beautiful gardens are anything to go by, it is going to be one fun filled, super family afternoon with happy grooves, dancing and picnicking to Mango Groove`s greatest hits.

Mango Groove and Claire have only performed a select number of shows in SA this year, as they have been busy on two very big projects:

Mango Groove is currently working on a film and musical project: months of writing and pre-production so far, but a very important and long-term project for the group. In John’s words ‘’While we have a way to go yet, this is undoubtedly the biggest, most exciting and most challenging project we have ever worked on. Watch this space!’’

Claire has been busy for the last few months working on an all-new Claire Johnston album that is in essence a celebration of great South African songs through the decades. In Claire’s words: ‘’I am insanely excited about this project. It is a concept I came up with a while ago, and it has been great finally to get back into the recording studio. The album is very much a celebration of South African music,and to that it extent it has a strong Mango Groove influence. At the same time, however, it is also very different and distinctive, and I am hoping to surprise a lot of people with the treatment we have given to a lot of the songs. I will also be working with some of my favourite SA artists on key tracks, which will be a great honour for me. The album is due out early next year, and I will undoubtedly be following up with a number of key live performances built around the project’’.

Their 2012 release: ‘’Shh: Have You Heard? The Ultimate Mango Groove Collection’’ is available in stores nationwide. This is a limited, collectors’ edition: that is a triple pack (2 CDs, 1 DVD). It features all the Mango Groove hits and videos.

The Old Mutual Summer Sunset Concert featuring Mango Groove takes place at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens (Rhodes Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town) on Sunday 2 December from 17h30 – 19h00. Gates open at 16h00. For further information and ticket prices, please telephone 021 799 8783/8620 or visit the website Tickets available at:

In the interest of better service

Running a successful business without being controlled by phones … The Production Person does it and so does Brian Currin Music / Brian, My Web Guy.

The Production Person

Over the past few years I have come to view my cell phone as a burden. It rings and beeps constantly, so I decided that when I was with clients to switch it of and when I needed to put my head down and focus to switch it off. It has now developed into a device that I use when and if it is convenient for me. It no longer irritates me, it no longer interrupts me, it no longer creates anxiety – IT IS NO LONGER A BURDEN.

I am always contactable all the time via email and can access my account from any computer worldwide which I now do. When I’m at suppliers I quickly check mail and access priorities. And just to be clear it has not effected my earnings in any way – on the contrary my earnings have quadrupled over the past year.

I can…

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Rodriguez / Big Concerts

Rodriguez / Big Concerts
Rodriguez / Big Concerts

The Mexican-American singer-songwriter known simply as, “Rodriguez” had been working on his music career in Detroit since the early 1960s. He recorded an album in 1969 that many believed was going to secure his reputation as one of the greatest recording artists of his generation. Instead, Cold Fact bombed and the Rodriguez seemingly disappeared into obscurity, even being subject to rumours that he had committed suicide by setting himself on fire onstage and other imaginative tales. The album took on a life of its own when a bootleg recording found its way into our own South Africa. Banned by the Apartheid government, the album became a nationwide phenomenon over the next two decades, and the soundtrack to a resistance movement of liberal African youth. Back in Detroit, living a hardscrabble life, Rodriguez was totally unaware that he was not just a folk hero but a household name thousands of miles away.

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Mark Haze performing on SUNDAY 18TH NOV at De Waal Park from 4pm – 5.30pm in Oranjezicht. (FREE SHOW)

Mark Haze
Mark Haze

Mark Haze is a singer, songwriter and performing artist,who will be performing on SUNDAY 18TH NOV at the 2nd Friends of De Waal Park and Re/MAX Living concert Series at De Waal Park from 4 -5.30pm in Oranjezicht.

The shows are free to the public, with the help of the generous sponsorship from Re/Max Living.

It has always been Mark’s dream to be a musician performing in front of thousands of fans, recording songs, having them played on many radio stations and touring to express his art of music to fans.

This dream has come true for Mark Haze, runner up on South African Idols Season 7 in 2011.

fter Mark’s success on Idols he signed a 3 album record deal with Universal Music South Africa and on the 27th of June 2012 he released his debut album: “Where Angels Fear to Fly””, recorded at Bellville Studios and produced my SAMA award winning producer Theo Crous.

is first single: “Out of My Head” went Gold and his current single: “Wake Up (Dreaming of You)”” is charting on all radio stations Nationwide (Media Guide Top 100 Global songs – #35 / Media Guide Top SA songs – #7 / 94.5 KFM & 94.7 Highveld Kia Take40SA – #4 and many more.)
Mark continues to tour throughout South Africa, along with his band members; Bjorn Faree, Gareth Haze and Brian Lee.

They always give a stellar performance as if it’s their last.

Visit for more information. or contact Martin Myers at or call 083 448 4475

Creative Recognition Awards Announced for 28th IDA Awards | International Documentary Association

The IDA has decided upon this year’s recipients of the Creative Recognition Awards for cinematography, editing, writing, and music. The winners were decided by the Creative Recognition Awards Committee, which is made up from the co-chairs of the Features Screening Committees. At this year’s IDA Awards ceremony, Best Cinematography will go to Women With Cows, Best Editing to Room 237, and Best Music to Searching for Sugar Man. The Best Writing Award goes to Ann Richards’ Texas.

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Searching for Sugar Man wins In-Edit international prize | Film Festival Watch


The Searching for Sugar Man juggernaut rolls on as Malik Bendjelloul’s sleeper hit about the unlikely resurrection of singer-songwriter Rodriguez copped the jury prize for Best International Documentary at the 10th Beefeater In-Edit music documentary festival in Barcelona.

The awards were presented Saturday on the penultimate night of In-Edit, which drew around-the-block queues for dozens of new and vintage music films for 10 nights in the Catalan capital’s university district. It’s the eighth festival to honor Sugar Man since its Audience Award-winning breakout at Sundance in January. Released theatrically in July by Sony Pictures Classics, the film has also done $2.2 million in box office as of late October – pretty serious numbers for a music documentary, especially one about an obscure bard whose two early ’70s albums sank without a trace in his US homeland but became massive hits in South Africa. (For a bit of context, that’s $800,000 than Marley has taken in.)

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Music Exchange 2013 Dates Announced

Music Exchange 2013 – getting down to the business of making music

Music Exchange Martin Myers and Charles Goldstuck
Music Exchange Martin Myers and Charles Goldstuck

Music Exchange, the two day independent conference that gets everyone in the music industry talking, is set to take place from 21-22 March 2013.

Started in 2009, the Music Exchange conference is the brainchild of industry professionals Martin Myers, a long standing music publicist through Sony Music and co-owner of Triple M Entertainment, Peter Lacey, Managing Director of Musketeer Records and SAMA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse.

As a much-anticipated highlight on the Cape Town music calendar, Music Exchange brings the industry together to discuss, debate, collaborate and get down to the business of making music. Every year it offers artists, industry professionals and like-minded individuals the chance to network, exchange ideas and catch up on the latest industry trends.

Over the years Music Exchange has been able to boast a number of success stories. Collaboration between Evolver One with a Manager at the 2010 Music Exchange conference was key to the group successfully recording their third album which yielded four radio hits. For 7th Son the introduction to Stuart Rubin, former BMG Marketing Director, at the 2009 conference led them to re-record the Australian hit “The Boys Light Up”, which
went on to became their first hit.

The Music Exchange 2013 conference will present a full program of panel discussions and keynote addresses from various industry perspectives. Included in the lineup, amongst other topics, will be the profitable use of the growing number of mediums available to artists and the art of “getting your music out there”. Seasoned South African artists, producers and songwriters will head up a panel discussing “the song that made them famous”, while SA artists and composers who live abroad will talk about their careers on the international stage.

“I believe that this conference has contributed in significant ways to all of us – speakers and delegates alike – who had the privilege of attending. It left me with one of those strange feelings that I wished the entire industry was there.”

I look forward to next year’s conference with great anticipation,” said Nick Motsatse the CEO of SAMRO following last year’s conference. Since SAMRO attended the 2011 Music Exchange Conference, they have come on board to support the upcoming conference in 2013, and we would like to acknowledge them for it.

Yoel Kenan, the CEO of Africori described it as the best music conference, by far, that he has attended in Africa.

If you are serious about music, be sure to diarise the dates for the Music Exchange 2013, you can’t afford to miss it.

Music Exchange
Music Exchange

For media related queries, interviews, photos and media accreditation to attend the conference, please contact Martin Myers – Tel: 083 448 4475 or e-mail:

For more information on Music Exchange 2013, and booking details please contact

Film Review: Searching for Sugar Man


Bigger than Elvis – on the other side of the world

I have a major fetish for really great songwriters. Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Jacques Brel, Stephen Sondheim, for starters … the list is exclusive, but it’s not terribly short. I consider myself to be something of a scholar in this area, or at least a really serious connoisseur. So I’m baffled and somewhat embarrassed to admit that, prior to this week, and prior to seeing the film I first heard about on David Dye’s NPR radio show World Café, I had never heard of Rodriguez.

A powerfully evocative singer/songwriter active in the early 1970s, little-known in America, Rodriguez is the subject of the wonderful 2012 Swedish/British documentary directed by Malik Bendjelloul, Searching for Sugar Man. Rodriguez appeared in Detroit in the late sixties, circulated on the music scene briefly, released two albums to the high expectations of his label and his producers, and then vanished. Actually that’s not quite correct. He couldn’t vanish, because as far as industry bean counters were concerned, he never even appeared. According to the producers of the albums, who are interviewed in the film, here in the U.S. the LPs were each met with positive critical response but a deafening silence commercially. Nothing. And thus would have ended the tale – except that for some deeply karmic reason, at exactly that moment Rodriguez became, in South Africa at least, bigger than Elvis. Seriously.

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CHANGE means…being raised from the dead « My Rite of Passage


Some people refer to Sixto Rodriguez as the Jesus rock star because he rose from a lifetime of obscurity in his home country to stardom, albeit in a faraway land on a different continent. And even there, despite his cult status in South Africa, he was believed to be dead due to a myth that he had set himself on fire at the end of a show to the last lines of a song: “Thanks for your time. And you can thank me for mine. And after that’s said, Forget it. Bag it, man.”

Rodriguez was the sixth child of Mexican immigrants living in Detroit. Influenced by his father’s music, he was writing songs and performing in bars before he was eighteen. That was where it all started—his soulful, Dylan-like melodies and prophetic lyrics attracted the attention of two music producers. They cut an album, and though it failed in the US, a bootleg recording made it to South Arica. That was during the apartheid years in the 1970s, and somehow the lyrics articulated the feelings of those—black and white—who resisted the enforced racial segregation of the time. His music soon became a political statement.

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My poem for Rodriguez

Cold fact
A Poem by MOON

The wind in the trees are rustling
Kismet’s alchemy a magic wand
The sky meets the rising ocean
A waltz anticipating no end

For far too long no applause no roses and wine
You were the open secret seemingly lost in time

Destiny found you my darling
Karma played its visible hand
Some songs are poetry in motion
Yours was one of those my friend

C 2012 MOON

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