Rodriguez to play Ann Arbor Folk Festival in January 2013

Rodriguez, aka Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, Rod Riguez, and Jesus Rodriguez, released a pair of albums, “Cold Fact” and “Coming from Reality,” in 1970 and 1971. His music was influenced by Bob Dylan’s, but it had the hard edge of his native Detroit and was often political in nature. It went nowhere in America, and Rodriguez eventually dropped out of the music scene, earning a living as a demolition worker while pursuing a PhD in philosophy at Wayne State University. But the story turned out to have a Part Two. Abroad, Rodriguez was discovered in several countries, most notably of all in South Africa. There, the songs on “Cold Fact” became anthems of the anti-apartheid movement, and Rodriguez acquired a cadre of fans who circulated a false rumor that he had died. After running unsuccessfully for the Detroit city council, Rodriguez came back to public notice in his home country after a documentary, “Searching for Sugar Man,” explored the circumstances surrounding the death hoax and won notice at the Sundance Film Festival. Now, Rodriguez is back, with a new album, successful tours, and an appearance on “60 Minutes” to his credit. His personality, idealistic and eccentric, is like a time capsule from the 1960s, and the word “unique” is insufficient to describe his talent.

via The Ark – 2013 Ann Arbor Folk Festival Artist Descriptions.


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  1. i saw the movie and also 60 minutes. what a w0nderful story. Maybe he’ll come to bellingham, washington. He’s only four years older than me. He seems like a very humble man. God bless him and sing on. Joy


  2. My grandparents came to Detroit from Mexico in the 30s, my dad was born in Detroit 1936. I have no doubt that my dad, his brothers and sisters, crossed paths with Mr. Rodriguez; nor that my cousins know his daughters I am my fathers eldest daughter living in Argentina for a while and saw this on 60 minutes. Extrordinary. A true pure artist, a wonderful story and music that inspired millions. Who knew there where true fairy tales? Bravo.


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