Searching For Sugar Man DVD Review in Empire

empire november 2012


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  1. Hello friends! Iam from Denmark – where the film “Searching for Sugarman” is playing right now. I watched this yesterday – and what an experience: It was the most touching and amazing documentary film I remember ever having seen!
    After that I just have to follow this blog – and wait for a concert in Denmark!!!!


  2. Is he coming to Toronto? It’s like three hours from Detroit. I could pick him up, no problemo. I could borrow a car, for sure.


  3. IF ANYONE HAS TWO OR MORE TICKETS FOR CARNIVAL CITY THEY WANNA SELL: I will pay top dollar… please mail me at…. I don’t know why they had to take the WHOLE big top arene, that place is so big, why didn’t big concerts just throw the show in Brakpan high’s school hall.. Im going to be hating the FOR A LONG TIME!


  4. Its friggen OCTOBER 2012 and i just found out yesterday about the show in february next year
    im only 5 kilometers away from Carnival City and the f*cking tickets are allready sold out for both dates ate Carnival, FIVE MONTHS PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL SHOW, are you serious… Why didn’t they get him the FNB Stadium to perform in where there is seats for 100k + ppl, the little big top arena is meant for revival tours for bands like ABBA and f*cking roxette, Im soo pissed right now,… IDIOTS at big concerts don’t know sh1t. and best of all this is probably going to be his last tour of SA


  5. Did this movie show is SA? not? when then? and if not why? I am really disappointed that I missed it, why was it so hush? I would think it would premiere here of all places? please give me more info?


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