Model Elbe releases debut single, Plan B


Born in Cape Town, International Model, ELBE VAN, combined with her amazing achievements to date, is now ready to enter the world of music as a talented recording artist, fulfilling her passion.

She has graced the pages of fashion magazines and catwalks around the globe and has appeared in advertising campaigns for Revlon, Elle perfume, Sports illustrated, Jean Paul Gaultier, Speedo, and is currently the face of Wonderbra. Her established modeling career, dedication and professional work ethic will most certainly contribute to her success as a recording artist.

These days, Elbe is juggling between her chosen paths of modeling and music, which intertwine with ease. She is mid-way through her debut solo album “PAPILION”, which falls loosely under the genre of main stream POP. The first single “PLAN B”, produced by Graham Ward and written by L.A. based songwriter, Pam Sheyne, who penned “Genie in a Bottle”, is now available to download at Rhythm Music Store.


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