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Egmond returns with the smashing first single off their upcoming sophomore release, Vuil Wasgoed – a duet with songbird Yolandi,who also featured in Egmond’s #1 hit Dis Elektries from his debut album.

Janiné Grobbelaar

Melk in Jou tee

First single off the debut Gospel album from Janiné Grobbelaar, an emerging faith-pop singer from Centurion. From Melk In Jou Tee .


Die Meisie Van De Aar

More Afrikaans Rock ‘N Tjank sounds from this singer-songwriter who is building a strong reputation for his incisive lyrics. This track is off his debut album My Hond Fanie.

Lara Frances


Young, gorgeous and gifted. This describes the talented Lara Frances in a nutshell. Her new album, Little Rendition, is a delicious mixture of nu-folkish pop with the merest hint of rock.


100 000 Keer

Pieter Smit and Ben van Zyl, two young musicians from Pretoria, combine their talents on this impressive English and Afrikaans album When This Whistle Blows.

Rian Malan

Boer Se Nie Jammer Nie

Koos Kombuis described Malan as “the prophet of our times” and “a one-man cultural revolution” and said the songs on his “Alien Inboorling” were likely to force Afrikaners to “question everything we thought we knew about ourselves.”



The video for this new single off this emerging artist’s debut album, ‘Ongevraagde Hello‘, is the first of his string of video hits to be filmed in HD.

Mr Mac and the Genuines

Blikkie se Boom

Some Goema sounds from the Cape Kings of the genre off the ‘Voelvry’ compilation album of the wave of “alternative” Afrikaans music that swept the country in 1988/9. From Mr Mac & The Genuines.

Van Coke Kartel

Vir Almal

VCK’s first single was released for free download, even before the 2011 album was properly finished.

Huis Najaar

Somer Is Op Ons

Huis Najaar, a 5-piece Afrikaans rock outfit from PE, have been described by Van Coke Kartel as “somewhere between Jax Panik and Die Heuwels Fantasties”.


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  1. Ek is baie lief vir ons afrikaanse musiek. Ons het uitstekende kunstenaars en ek ondersteun hulle graag. Lekker om te luister na liedjies in .Jou eie kosbare taal.


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