UCT RAG Presents: Big Bash 2012 =====> The Takeover
UCT RAG Presents: Big Bash 2012 =====> The Takeover

This year on 10 February 2012 UCT RAG hosts, not only, the last event of Orientation Week, but the biggest party experience of the entire week. It is a collection of an iconic venue in Cape Town and the most talented and most renowned musical acts in the country that makes UCT students come alive and come together for this once in a lifetime partying experience.

This year Big Bash will be hosted at the Grand Parade in the Cape Town CBD which holds 5000 people. The star studded DJ line up includes: Niskerone (Cape Town’s king of Dub step), SPHEctacula (Metro FMs host of the Pre Party), Leo Large featuring Fritzz the Cat, AKA (four time SAMA award winning artist), Kent (House DJ and Producer) and Oskido. This line up ensures that Big Bash will be one of the best experiences that one could have in Cape Town.

The event runs from 18:00 until 00:00. Transport will be provided – Buses start to leave UCT lower campus at from 17:30 until 21:00 and will start to return from the Grand Parade at 23:00 until 01:00. This is to ensure that our attendees get home safely.

5000 people. One Venue. One unified party experience
Big Bash 2012: The Takeover.

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