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 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Ras Sheehama

Kings Music

A track from the reggae master off Afromagic, a spellbinding feast of magical African music showcasing the best artists on the African continent.


Card On Spokes

Touchy Touchy

First single off In You Go, the debut album by Card On Spokes – the solo electronica/hip hop/afrikaans/instrumental project of Cape Town based musician and producer Shane Cooper.


Justin Swart

One for the boys

Brighter Than The Sun is the debut six-track EP from this talented young Cape artist who began building his skills as a lapslide guitarist which has now become his signature instrument.


Lara Frances


Young, gorgeous and gifted. This describes the talented Lara Frances in a nutshell. Her new album, Little Rendition, is a delicious mixture of nu-folkish pop with the merest hint of rock.


Pretty Blue Guns

Shed Your Skin

This first single and title track off the Stellenbosch rockers’ new second album, topped 5fm’s local rock chart.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Don Wanna Go to Work

A hip hop artist, songwriter, singer, and record producer from KZN whose newly-released Durban Kings album rocks the house with pumping sounds and great beats.



Love Sweet Dreams

There’s a lot of interest around this new trio and their excellent 100% independent debut album Painting With Sound.



100 000 Keer

Pieter Smit and Ben van Zyl, two young musicians from Pretoria, combine their talents on this impressive English and Afrikaans album When This Whistle Blows.


Ike Moriz

Not About You

This radio-friendly, catchy and infectious love song is off the new album Breathing Dreams, on which he composed, produced and recorded 16 beautifully crafted, unique, brand-new Rock/Pop songs.


Simply Dead

Emoticon Breakdown

Simply Dead is Toast Coetzer, Jane Breetzke and Jon Savage. The band formed in Cape Town in 2011 and have just released their first album, Emoticon Breakdown.

 World Music

John Edmond

Did You Ever See A Kudu Cry

From the album Wild and Beautiful and Free, an album about the conservation of our wild creatures, from the rhinoceros to the blue whale, together with environments such as our natural forests.


Jim Neversink

All Apaches To The Snow

Some typically A-grade indie folk-rock from the Johannesburg musician’s recent album, Skinny Girls Are Trouble.

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