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Latest Free Music

 World Music

Heather Mac


New single off the acclaimed comeback album, WITHIN, from the former vocalist for the ’80’s SA band Elamental.


Spokes ‘H’

Wa Wa Main Switch (Power Failure)

The title track off this album that features Township songs at their finest sung in seSotho andisiZulu with some wonderful messages.


Rian Malan

Boer Se Nie Jammer Nie

Koos Kombuis described Malan as “the prophet of our times” and “a one-man cultural revolution” and said the songs on his “Alien Inboorling” were likely to force Afrikaners to “question everything we thought we knew about ourselves.”


Zwarte Piet

Gatskop Blues

A track off “Geskroef!” An Afrikaans Blues album whose theme is the trials and tribulations endured by the nowdisadvantaged people of South Africa and it is set against the backdrop of the social and political issues of this country.



Liefde Soldaat

Adam is a dynamic and original male singing group and this track is about always being prepared to fight for the one you love.


Van Coke Kartel

Vir Almal

VCK’s first single was released for free download, even before the 2011 album was properly finished.


Laurie Levine

Six Winters

Lovely first single and title track off the new album from the acclaimed Johannesburg singer-songwriter Laurie Levine’s third album “Six Winters” has just been released through Rhythm Records.Laurie’s blend of American roots music and the ‘Nu-Folk’ sound has earned her critical acclaim and a growing audience.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Blacks R Fools

Skwatta Kamp’s legendary MC with an unabashedly political rap off his new album ‘Slikour Ventilation Volume 3


Sterling EQ

Bach’s Kittens At Play

Sterling “Electric Quartet” has taken the South African entertainment industry by storm with their album, Nova,and their genre-defying musical style and sensational live performance.


12th Avenue

Taking my Heart With You

The Cape Town rock band that features Idols contestant Mark Haze with a song off their new 6-track self-titled album.




The video for this new single off this emerging artist’s debut album, ‘Ongevraagde Hello‘, is the first of his string of video hits to be filmed in HD.

 R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Bout To Blow

Some stirring and melodic R&B rap pop on this, the title track off the new debut album, from this emerging South Artist artist.


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