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Latest Free Music Image Rock

K, Ray & The Bird

Misplaced Credit

Misplaced Credit – First single from the Cape Town Eclectic Folk Rock group off their new, second album, Rhymes In The Attic.

Latest Free Music Image Classical

Sterling EQ

Bach’s Kittens At Play

Sterling “Electric Quartet” has taken the South African entertainment industry by storm with their album, Nova,and their genre-defying musical style and sensational live performance.

Latest Free Music Image World Music



A song off the album The Journey: Marabi Moments, on which this specialist a capella group, in the mbube tradition, deliver a tribute to the music of two gifted South African composers.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

12th Avenue

Taking my Heart With You

The Cape Town rock band that features Idols contestant Mark Haze with a song off their new 6-track self-titled album.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Laurie Levine

Six Winters

Lovely first single and title track off the new album from the acclaimed Johannesburg singer-songwriter Laurie Levine’s third album “Six Winters” has just been released through Rhythm Records.Laurie’s blend of American roots music and the ‘Nu-Folk’ sound has earned her critical acclaim and a growing audience.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


See Yah

Ash (Ashwell Erasmus) – See Yah  – Something fresh from this very popular Port Elizabeth-based Gospel-Rap artist off his debut solo album, ‘House Party Vol.1‘.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Faith Why You Always Running


First single off this emerging Cape-based female indie artist’s brilliant lo-fi album, ‘Billboard Lights‘.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans

Mr Mac and the Genuines

Blikkie se Boom

Some Goema sounds from the Cape Kings of the genre off the ‘Voelvry’ compilation album of the wave of “alternative” Afrikaans music that swept the country in 1988/9. From Mr Mac & The Genuines.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Blacks R Fools

Skwatta Kamp’s legendary MC with an unabashedly political rap off his new album ‘Slikour Ventilation Volume 3

Latest Free Music Image Rock



A new track off the debut album, “2000 en Nag” from this 4-man Afrikaans hard rock band from Gauteng.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Otherwise

Rollercoaster To Insanity

The Otherwise is a four piece band out of Durban whose music is a blend of creative, dirty-sounding guitars and smooth, punchy bass lines over loud disco/punk/rock beats. Off  She Doesn’t Care, She Wants To Dance.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Bronwyn Reddy


Bronwyn Reddy’s debut album, Love Constant, is produced by the world renowned, SAMA award winning Mark Fransman. Her sultry soulful sound and poignant lyrics are the perfect ingredients for an adult contemporary album.


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