The Brothers Streep Launch New Idols Single

The Brothers Streep
The Brothers Streep

Sunday 5th June saw the launch of the new Brothers Streep single, We’re Never Going To Be (SA Idols). The song pokes fun at the competition, whilst referencing past and present Idols icons such as Gareth CliffProverbRandall AbrahamsLiezel van der WesthuizenUnathi Msengana and Heinz Winkler.

The song came about after the Idols producers contacted the Brothers and asked them to write a song for the new season of Idols.

“We’d just got back from having written and performed a song for The Comics Choice Awards up in Joburg, and Idols called us saying they’d watched our song about Anna Paquin on the Graham Norton Show, and wanted to know if we’d write a song for them.  Idols is probably one of South Africa’s biggest locally produced TV shows – it was a pretty easy call to make,” says singer and guitarist Simon van Wyk.

The single is currently available for free download off The Brothers Streep website,

“We’re hoping that making the song available for free will make it easier for the song to get around.  All we ask is for people who download the single to consider sharing the link with others and maybe even request their favourite radio station to play it – that would be nice,” says singer and guitarist Dylan Hichens.  “The song laments ‘we’ll never have a single charting in the Top 40’ – we’re holding thumbs that lyric will become ironic.”

Idols and The Brothers Streep came up with quite a unique way to present the song.

“Idols asked us to perform the song live to the judges as if it were a real audition, so the judges didn’t really see it coming, and we didn’t really know exactly what to expect.  Standing in front of someone and singing that they look like Voldemort isn’t necessarily the best way to make a good first impression on them,” says van Wyk.

“We realised that carting in full band equipment wasn’t going to be possible, so we decided we’d just blatantly mime the song and hope it adds to the comedy,” says Hichens.  “Actual pop stars mime all the time, if anything, it was the most professional thing we could have done.”

A music video for the single is on the horizon, and the Brothers have already had further song writing requests, penning the soundtrack to an upcoming advert for Geely which you can look out for later this month.

Suitable For The Whole Family by The Brothers Streep
Suitable For The Whole Family by The Brothers Streep

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