LM Radio Top Hits Of 1973

Music Fan, Anton van Staden, has scanned this booklet issued by LM Radio reflecting their top hits of 1973.

The back cover was dedicated to an advert for a famous cigarette brand, but since I am not sure of the legalities of advertising tobacco products, I decided to omit it.

LM Radio Top Hits Of 1973

Extracts below are taken from sleeve notes for the Hits Of LM Radio 2CD set released by PT Music in 2009.

Do you remember a time in South Africa when there was no TV and no internet? Hard to believe that there ever was such a time, and that listening to the radio was actually one of the best ways to discover the latest and greatest music. The DJ’s cared about the music and they even had theme tunes. Springbok Radio was OK, but the station that teenagers really embraced with enthusiasm was LM Radio, based out of Lourenco Marques in neighbouring Mozambique.

LM Radio was privately owned and operated, and served a vast audience of young people by transmitting pop and rock music which was not heard on the state-controlled SABC stations. The music was everything and DJs like David Gresham, Darryl Jooste, Long John Berks, Peter De Nobrega (and many, many more), were real personalities who played music that they really liked and the fans appreciated it.

The radio station in Lourenco Marques first started broadcasting in the 1930s, but it was in the late 1950s that it underwent a major format change to cater for the younger generation.

The LMRadio.org website says it best; “LM Radio, as it was popularly known, was renowned for its Top Twenty chart show, the LM Hit Parade, and played a major role in promoting South African artists and their music.”

In 1975 LM Radio became Radio 5, and then 5FM, but the spark of independence was no longer there and whole generations have grown up in South Africa without hearing music radio at its best.  – Brian Currin

LM Radio Top Hits Of 1973
LM Radio Top Hits Of 1973LM Radio Top Hits Of 1973LM Radio Top Hits Of 1973LM Radio Top Hits Of 1973


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  1. I’m born in 1952 now 63 and I’m a music fanatic. In the late 60’s the “IN THING” among youngsters was to listen to LM Radio but the “HIGHLIGHT” of ALL was Sunday evenings, “THE LM HIT PARADE”. Nobody missed that for nothing. We all sat arround a table with a little transistor radio or in a car, that was the BEST of the BEST.
    Now in January 2016 I just happen to scroll down the DSTV music channels and could not believe when I saw L M radio. I’ve emediately tuned in and it was one of the most exiting surprises in my life as far as radio stations is concern. I’ve in the meantime downloaded the App on my cell to play it via wi fi and listen to ALL the best music of my life since a youngster EVERY NITE with my ear plugs and even fall asleep with it, what a way to go to dreamland and when I wake up during the night I just carry on listening till I fall asleep again and then ……. what a way to wake up in the morning with all the unbelievable forgotten music that formed the best times of my life as a youngster.
    In the meantime, I’ve also made contact with one of the D J’s wich surprisingly stayes near me on the East Rand and she was so kind to bring me one of the CD’s that one can buy thats available from L M radio.
    My wife OF CAUSE thinks I’m a luny and crazy but I AM CRAZY about the music of that time and even much earlier, late 50’s and 60’s wich I think was the best music ever, Buddy Holly, Johnny Rivers, Ritchy Valance, Fats Domino and a hundred more.
    Soooo, all I can say is “L M Radio, thank you and your D J’s sooo much for bringing back ALL THOSE “SWEET” memories to hundreds of peole like me.
    😙 😙 😙 👍☝☝


  2. I have seen this thank you.

    You can now relive the sunday night hit parade every sunday night at 8pm (sorry half hour earlier than the original) when I count down the top 20 hits from ” this week in history”. We will also be releasing a series of CDs entitled Your LM Radio Hit Parade, compiled by Peter de Nobrega and David Gresham. The first is available from Look and Listen and Kalahari.net. Check it out. Chris Turner


    1. Thank you! I finally discovered LM Radio again on an app on my new cellphone after being without it since 1975. It feels like I found a long lost sister.


  3. Absolutely fantastic, I listen to LM on my iPhone with the TuneIn app.

    I grew up with LM Radio. I came to SA in 1962 from Holland (I was 8 years old then) and my sister met her future husband in 1963. He actually introduced us to LM Radio and the LM Hit Parade on Sunday nights. We would sit outside with his transistor radio listening to the Hit Parade (and what they called “Another 12” after the main 8 songs of the Hit Parade). I agree with Dan, this is gooseflesh, nevermind goosebumps!



  4. I would like to find out where I can get a recording of LM Radio’s signature tune, the one that starts with “We’re looking for sunshine……..have a happy day”. The station plays it in full occasionally and it really is a good song.


  5. Thank God LM Radio is back on air (thanks to Chris Turner and the crew).

    I never heard LM Radio the 1st time around, but things mature and get better with age and wisdom, and LM Radio today (2011) is no exception! Awesome stuff! Go back in time with todays technologies. Pump it loud so the neighbours wanna tune-in too.



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